ON FEBRUARY 16, 1973 AT 7:56 PM


“Evil is around all the time.  It is too bad that the children now are being taught that evil isn’t there, but it is, and sometimes it can be recognized by just despair:  despair in how a person walks, or how a person acts, or how a person radiates so many things.  Children who are possessed with evil thoughts and evil ways do not see the Light nor the beauty of the days.

And I, Saint Agnes, say to you, ‘It is better to be a martyr and to be a Saint than to stand in the world and be acclaimed by men.’ Know this.  Be aware of it.  Accept it on this night.  Be firm when you say to God, ‘Let me be a martyr for You today.’

Martyrs are, in many ways, different than each other.  Some give up their human life; some, it is other ways.  So I bless you and I say, ‘Many martyrs are occurring in your day.’ To stand for Truth is martyrdom.  To stand against the evil one when others try to deny you, is martyrdom in a special way.  So be it.”

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