ON FEBRUARY 16, 1973 AT 8:01 PM


“Right now in the world, there are many, many, many men running around saying they have power from within.  They do not.  The only real power that man does have is the will God gave him.  The only real power that man can understand is his will that God gave him.

I am a Saint Here in the Heavens and I, too, one day, wanted to run away from man.  Man can be a burden, for you see, man does not stop making mistakes, even when he knows the errors are great.  I am Saint John Vianney.

There are many incidences in My life that this child is aware of, for they are parallel to when I walked, when I taught, when I was in the confessional for many hours.  Even then, men called me a fool, as some who are weak will do; but I, from the Heavens, can say to you: ‘I was no fool.  All I cared about was to do God’s Will.’ A fool is not this way.  A fool lives a mythical life.  A fool lives an imaginative life.  But, when you deal with the Soul, when you deal with the mental, when you deal with the physical, it is very real and the burden also great.

As I speak through this child, and I say to each of you here, ‘Every moment is worthwhile,’ make it count, use it well, give it to God, for you see, if you do not, there is a chance that the moments spent wastefully will go the other way to the enemy.

Be cautious, My little ones, and do go to the box, the box to confess your sins, for you see, when you do, it is an act of humility, and when you do, it makes you conscious of penance, makes you conscious of sin, makes you conscious of everything without and within.

Many times I spent hours in the confessional.  I did not want to be there, but I knew that it was God’s Will for me, so when I learned to use my will, that little power that I had to look to God, I knew that I would help all men reach Him in Eternity.

When I died and the time did come, all I asked Him was to be lenient with the son who fought Him.  And now I stand Here in the Heavens and I say to each of you, ‘If you have fought The Father in the past, change your ways, yes, and look to Him in humility, for in humility He grants you Grace.’

I bless you with the Priestly Blessing.  It is God’s Will.  I bless you with Hope, for you see, in such a Blessing you are united with The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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