ON FEBRUARY 16, 1973 AT 8:07 PM



I will tell you what I see.  There are about Ten or Twelve Saints talking to Our Lord.  He is directing Them in a special way.

One Saint is being sent — and it is Saint Martin de Porres — to the other side of the world to help a child who is in pain.  The Saint will go and give the child strength through His Presence in the room.  Children do not know that even though He’s seen with a broom, His Mission in Heaven is to serve The Father well, to perform acts of charity, to give strength to the ill and the well, a trust The Father places upon Each of His Saints, a trust that we must look forward to in the Other World.

The next Saint is smiling, Saint Margaret Mary.  I thought it was a man.  Here’s what Our Lord is saying to her: “Take My Heart, My beloved One, and give It in a lightness to everyone, so children in the world will see My Love, My Generosity; so children will better understand the Love The Father had for every man.  Take My Heart, My Daughter, and share It with all men.  Make them know how important it is to have My Heart open to them, for they may see It day and night, and they will remember I walked for them.  Take My Heart throughout the world.  Make children aware, and let them feel the beat of It and know there is nothing else to compare.” She’s smiling.  She is on Her way to Asia.

It’s Padre Pio.


“Through this child I speak, for I have just received My Task from The Father.  He has told Me to go forward and help others who walk such as I walked, to help them have strength to talk.

So, I speak through this child and I say, ‘Do not ask for the Wounds that He suffered, but keep in mind that when you obey The Commandments all the time, you help The Father in many ways.’ You must make reparation to gain purity of all ways.  You must be aware of the Soul that God gave you one day.

Be mindful, My children, of who you are and the privilege it is to be a child of God and not a star.  So be it.”


Saint Athanasius is receiving — it looks like a chart.  He’s smiling at Our Lord.

“Go fight My case, My Son, go throughout the world and do not let heresy run.  Be sure that all children who come in contact with this child are aware of the heresy.  Make them know it is not worthwhile.  Be alert to the curse it is to man.  Make children know that it is against My Command.  I beseech you, Athanasius, to go forward now and set the world straight, through this child who walks at My Command.  So be it.”

Saint Bartholomew.  He’s being sent to Russia to a school of boys, for there is much wrong there.  He says, “I will go, My Father, where You command.  I will do My best to see that man learns of You.  So be it.”

It’s Our Lady now.  She’s standing next to Our Lord and the Others have all been told something.


“Oh, My children, I hold this child firmly, lovingly, and yes, in a way to express to you Love.  You were allowed to see how Heaven will be Above.  The tasks that The Saints do, that They perform Here, are to help you reach Here.  There is Joy all around.  It does abound in Heaven Where I am.

I ask you, My little ones, to pray the Beads.  Do not think them monotonous but say it with love, for each time you call My Name, I smile and bless thee.  And when you say, ‘Hail, Mary,’ I look your way, no matter where you are.  It is a Power that The Father gave Me.  I am aware of all things, for you see, I am here on a Special Mission for The Holy Trinity.  Call My Name quietly or loudly and I will hear it.  Never be ashamed to hold the Beads.  Hold them dearly, for each time you do, I express My Love to you openly, Heavenly, Motherly.

There are so many things I would like to explain to the children present here now. This child walks the earth like no other one has.  There is an aloneness that cannot be described.  One man just came forward and tried to compromise a Direction from Here.  She would not allow it.  It was one of the first great tests she will have to endure, for you see, there are so many steps upon this Great Hill God wants built for men to reach Him in Eternity.  Without this Hill being accomplished God’s Way, many men would spend all eternity with the enemy.

This child, who stands before you tonight, and many, many, many, many other times, stands in obedience to The Father.  The Words spoken through her are God’s Delight and His Will, for Each Word that is spoken will save a Soul.  It is how He has it planned.  It is how it will be.  It must be accomplished in this lifetime, through this child who stands for The Holy Trinity.

Men say they are bored.  Men say they are tired.  Men say they are frustrated.  Men say they are anxious.  Men say they feel turmoil.  Men say they do not know what to do with the physical way.  Heaven has oftentimes given man a means, a way, but man rejects it, only to say it is not his way.

I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘Come now to the way, and in the manner God expects of you each day.’ There is but One Gift from God that is Precious to all men and that is the Soul.  Now, a precious gift that man has to give God is time.  Let it be so.

I bless you and I say: ‘Do not be foolish children.  Do not walk away.’ I bless you in The Father’s Name and in the Name of The Divine Son, and in the Light of The Holy One.  So be it.”

8:23 P.M.


“My children, arrogance, disobedience, lack of self-discipline are against My Will.  Pride is ugliness.  Ego will never do.  Obedience, self-discipline are strengths.  Humility is a strength you cannot know.  I walked the earth in humility, and through it I saw men grow.  The Father of All Things performs an Act of Humility by coming through this child to teach things:  Wisdom; also, Knowledge with Clarity.

Children are so busy, they are forgetting the Beauty of the human way.  They are neglecting the Majesty of the Soul and they are eagerly destroying My Way.

When I sat at a table once with men, I offered to each one there Part of Me.  Because It is such a Great Truth, because It is the Greatest Strength in the world, the enemy is desecrating It.

Keep in mind that you must stand firm in the way of mankind for What The Holy Eucharist truly is — Part of Me.  Do not allow emotionalism, do not let your nervous system rule you, but relax the physical, control the mental and enjoy the Spiritual, for you see, The Father gave It to you.  So be it.”

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