ON FEBRUARY 23, 1973 AT 8:06 PM


“It is better to die working for God, than to live ignoring Him.  These are the Words I want all to hear, for I am Saint Augustine.

Children throughout the world are wondering about This Creator.  Some are using many devious plans to act in His manner.  Through this child, the world is being told it is simple to love Him, happiness to serve Him, joy to be a Part of Him, peace to be in His Grace, tranquillity to think only of Him.

You, My children, have the opportunity I did not have.  You have the opportunity to do many things for God, to serve in a special way, in a special place, and those of you who know nothing of Grace, have the great chance to learn of It firsthand.

There are many, many, many, many men throughout the world who have funds, yes, to use.  God will one day say to them, ‘I want you,’ and many of them will not know why they gave such an amount, but God will smile and say, ‘This part of you, child, I will use for My Way.’ There will be other men who will give of the physical way.  They will give body completely, in service on this Great Hill God placed here for your day.  And many men will give prayer, prayer to see that the work is done.  God placed these men in a special way, a special place, for you see, here again will be a trinity, to accomplish God’s Will for the whole world.

My children, if I were to stand openly to you now and speak so you could see Me, the Words could not be clearer nor could they be of more truth.  All of the Heavens use this child to teach you.  Let it be known throughout the world that a child was chosen to walk, yes, in reparation for all, in a way of teaching to all, and the child is subservient to God before all things.

Men, in the time in which you live, are not used to such a way of life, but God has placed This in your midst to teach you the Beauty of True Light.  Let it be known, let it be said, let the Words be read.  Let all children of all colors, all races, all creeds, partake in This Great Miracle to teach the world of The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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