ON MARCH 4, 1973 AT 1:52 PM



I will tell you what I see.  Between the Spiritual hill and the physical hill is the ravine.  It is connected by a bridge, and on this great bridge is a Beloved Priest.  He is Holy and He is endearing to God’s reach.  The glow from this Man is far more than you know, for the Rays of His Love extend to us here below.  The Heat, the Action, the Truth, the Light, is far beyond what man can see in his own physical sight.

Above this bridge, above this Man, stands a Higher One with outstretched hand, giving to you and I a Ray of Hope, a Touch of Heaven, a Moment of Care, a Father’s Love for children who are here.


“My beloved children, I am The Son of The Father.  I am The Heart of The Trinity.  I am The Ray of Light to the world.  I am The Hope you have for Eternity.  The Ray of Light is One Alone and the Heat from this Ray is from the Divine Throne.

Men must understand that they must walk in Faith and not lean on fate.  They must walk in love, but not the love they are walking in, for it is a physical thing, not the One extended from Above.  Men must understand that true love can only come from justice, True Light can only come from wisdom.  Keep this in mind.

Let the Ray of My Heart touch each of you and not cast a shadow wherever you are.  Let the delicate Heat of the Ray enfold you in My Arms and let this Ray linger on for all times.  Do not look for an emotional habitat, but look to the serenity of wisdom, of truth, the gentle warmness of Light that enfolds you, be understood as Divine Light.  Let the gentleness of a breeze surround you with hope.  Let the stars guide you.

I stand Here in the Heavens.  There is no need to leave the Heavens when I speak through this child.  My Power is this Great.  The clouds, the Light, the Heat, the Hope, the Wisdom, the Justice, the Love, shine bright.

The Father, in Creation of this great world, made it a particular place for men to be born upon and to return to Him in Grace.  Sanctity should be the aim for all men, purity taught, for you see, reparation must be made, will have to be, for men to come This Way.

The child is in vision to Me.  I cast around her a shadow, and yet Light, to hold her in the Wisdom of Me.  The world must come to this Great Hill to learn of the Heavens, to learn of how I walked, to learn of the Peace, the Love I am for every Soul.  I have it so planned that children will come to this very land from all over The Father’s world, to be blessed by the Power, to be blessed by the Light and to feel the Heat of the Ray of Hope.

When I walked the earth, I walked sometimes in total aloneness, with men by My side.  I became weary at the thought of what was to be, and yet I knew if I showed one bit of disturbance I would weaken each of them, and this could not be.  So this alone created an aloneness for Me.  This aloneness is the child’s until Eternity.

Through This Miracle of My Son, Who was My Father, I have come to the world once again to teach, to cast Wisdom in where doubt is, where negligence is, misfortune, misunderstanding and wrong knowledge.  As a statue is cast in a lifelong substance, through This Miracle of Light, of Hope, I cast The Beloved Saint Joseph, Who stands close to Me Here in the Heavens Where I am.

Let all men who doubt be shoved aside.  Let all men who fear to believe such a Miracle wash themselves with the Water of Truth and be sure they are baptized.  Let all men who cannot feel the Ray of Hope, Heat, Light, be concerned, for I send It with Justice.  Let all men who deny This as Truth, begin to pray for Faith, and stop depending upon fate to build their lives.

We have come many times through this child, in firmness, for it is necessary to give to the world what is right.  Children are ignoring The Commandments once given for all time.  Children are ignoring The Holy Eucharist that I gave to the world, Part of The Divine.  Children are misusing the Greatness of It, and they are diminishing the Priesthood, which is sadness to Me, dreadful to see, causing much harm in the world, against The Holy Trinity.

The evil one, the enemy, is working quickly to gather Souls, for you see, his hate for man, in some way, surpasses his hate for The Father of The Holy Trinity, for you see, man still has the chance, as he lives, to work totally for God and to come Here for All Eternity.  Let all evil be cast aside.  Let it be shoved into a deep ravine and covered up.  Let the wind take it where it may and bury it in the bottom of the ocean, never to rise again.

I hold the child deeply.  I hold her close.  Through her, I speak Words that mean the most to the Sanctity of every Soul present here, to the Magnitude that God holds dear.  And I, The Sacred Heart, bless you and I say, ‘Do not turn your head away from this Hill God gave one day.’  So be it.”

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