ON MARCH 14, 1973 AT 10:57 AM


“My children, I am The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity.  I am The One that men gave horrible tasting liquid to.  I am The One Who suffered for you.  I am The One Who freed you.  I am The One Who stands directing This Great Miracle for man.  I am The One Who comes through this child openly, with Light for the whole world.  I am The One Who gives her the strength to stand strong.  I am The One Who gives the world My Heart, each day, in the Tabernacles around the world.  I am The One Who stood as The First Priest.  I am The One Who trained the first priests to follow Me.  I am The One Who, in certain ways, showed the world the beauty of suffering.

This child is never alone. This child has been prepared well by Me. This child stands in Truth for The Holy Trinity. This child represents My Will. This child suffers much for what must be.

I, The Second Person of The Blessed Trinity, come today in a Light, not truly visible to you, in a way not truly understandable by you; but, nonetheless, I come to children who must better understand what Light truly is, what Hope truly is.

I bless you in the Light of the Heavens.  I bless you with My Heart.  I bless you on the soil that was Mine from the start.  So be it.”

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