ON MARCH 18, 1973


The following two Revelations were delivered at the celebration of Saint Joseph’s Table on Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope.


“Many men who come to this Hill walk a very weak road, and I, Saint Alphonsus Liguori say, ‘Please, My sons and My daughters, gain strength God’s Way.’ Do not let others delay you from Truth.  Do not let others cause you to walk away from God, for if you allow this to be, there will be only sadness for you.

Keep in mind, at one time the Christians were called into the arena.  The animals met them and the poor Christians stood still, fearful of their physical lives.  You live in a time now where the animals are not as they were then; now they are men.  You must not be devoured by men.  The sinful ones must fall away.

Satan is working every day through the heresies, seven of them.  The first heresy, many children do not want to hear that it is a heresy, but through this child, it is taught about.  Pentecostalism is a heresy, for God would not give this power to men all about.  Satan tries hard to encourage many to follow the Pentecostal, Charismatic way, for you see, it builds up men’s pride, men’s ego; this is not God’s Way.

Another movement; man says, ‘What is it?’ The Jesus Movement.  It says, ‘Lean upon man, not God.’ When things are Truth, they say, ‘Lean upon The Holy Trinity.’

Another heresy of this day; believe Me, My children, I know, it was one of the heresies that Sodom and Gomorrah knew well, and that is homosexuality.  Be aware of this great growth.  Be aware of the horror that it is, and be aware of the degrading thing that it does to man.

You are Blessed in many ways as you come to this land.  You who are here for the first time, know, that this child speaks Truth, for no one would stand so strong and in such a way, for man is weak, God is Strength.  Humility is strength.  Man says, ‘Let me be prideful, God, and I will stand out among men.’ God says, ‘Humility will make you stand out among men, above men and for men.’

I bless you in a way you love to see.  I bless you with The Father’s Name.  I bless you with The Heart of The Holy Trinity and I bless you with the Light that This Miracle of Hope brings to the world, for all men to come, to be involved in and to see.  So be it.”


“My beloved children, many of you have never heard Heaven speak, but through this child, today, Heaven is speaking to each of you.  Be aware, My little ones, I am your Heavenly Grandmother.  I am Saint Anne.

Nowhere in the world is such a Miracle occurring.  Nowhere in the world is such a Miracle happening, but We, Here in the Heavens, join with you today in celebration of the Greatest Saint We know, for you see, He walked the physical way.

Be patient, My children, and keep in mind that through purity, you will come Here one day to The Divine.  Always, when you are in doubt, come to Me.  I, Saint Anne, will give you the strength, in a motherly way, to go on and do God’s Will wherever you are, whatever the occasion be.

This child is being used by Us.  Ask yourselves on this day, could you stand here in such Truth and face the world as she does for you and your Soul each day?

Be mindful that the world in which you live is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Be blessed by the Time that God has given to the world to spread the simplicity of His Way, the simplicity of His Will, for how else could you understand, to follow His Will and His Way?

Each child born to the world is born with a will.  At the moment of conception, a will is given to the physical.  You are a trinity born unto His Likeness.  Keep this in mind.  You have a will, you have a body and you have a Soul.  If you misuse the will, if you misuse the body, ask yourselves on this day, ‘What will it do to the Soul?’ Please, My children, I, your Heavenly Grandmother say, ‘Keep in mind the Goal of your Soul and keep It God’s Way.’

I bless you, for you see, you stand close to a Son Who walked the earth close to the Daughter of Mine, and now He is totally close to The Holy Trinity.  I bless you and I say, ‘Keep in mind the Holy Rosary every day, for through it, you will gain strength, you will feel hope, and you will desire purity.’  So be it.”

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