ON MARCH 25, 1973 AT 1:37 PM


“Satan sends many things to distract man from God, for you see, I, Saint Matthew know this, for I, too, walked the physical for The Holy Trinity.

Many of you children present here are aware of This Miracle in Its Dignity.  Some of you have come for the first time to try to see what happens here, through a woman who is only one of mankind.  But as you see the flags fly, as you feel the ground under your feet, be aware that God created all these things; also thee.

There have been many, many things left out of Bible History, things that men felt you could not understand, but men now are going around interpreting the Bible as best they can, filling in the things they feel should be there.  Be aware of these men; try not to be a part of them, for you see, if you become a part of them, you, too, will begin to misinterpret the Bible, and this is not true Bible History.

Upon this Hill men will build edifices in Great Honor to The Holy Trinity, to The Heavenly Mother and to The Saints.  You, My children, through the way of the physical role, have been given the privilege to one day become a Saint.

I, Saint Matthew, truly speak to you.  You cannot understand the Way and you, some of you, will leave this place wondering, ‘Was It really He Who spoke?’ And you will try to analyze It and to determine What you were told.  I say to you now from the Heavens Where I am: ‘Do not analyze God’s Plan, but walk in dignity yourself, walk in truth, follow a given way.  The given way was from Him—The Commandments for all men.’

I bless you as All We Saints do, and I say, ‘Be prepared to stand in the way of man, for God, for all time.’  So be it.”

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