ON MARCH 25, 1973 AT 1:41 PM


“Saint Joseph is the Highest Saint in Heaven.  And keep in mind, Mary Magdalene, of Whom I am, also walked the physical role, and I am now working for Him.  There are so many children in the world who say, ‘I follow the path of Mary Magdalene.’ Oh yes, but keep this in mind, that they are only following the path in the way of mankind; they are forgetting the change that overtook me, that I overtook one time.

I looked into the Eyes of The Great One, The Divine, and I said: ‘I realize I must follow another way.  You give me the strength, You give me the way; I will never leave Your Side.’ There are so many children in the world who are so ready to say, ‘I walk as Mary Magdalene did one day,’ but they are forgetting that at a given time I changed.  So must you for The Divine.

I bless you with God’s Love.  I bless you with Hope and I say, ‘Only through the will God gave you one day can you make the change.’ Be blessed, My children, by the Words you hear, be blessed by the Truth and hold it dear.  And do not walk in deceit, do not walk in compromise, do not walk in weakness, but walk in hope.  Walk in trust in God’s Way.  Walk in obedience to the Ten Commandments, and when obedience arises to man, weigh it, be sure that it is true obedience you follow and not the discipline of that particular man.

I bless you and I say, ‘Be good, children, I found it out one day.’  So be it.”

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