ON MARCH 25, 1973 AT 1:50 PM


“There are so many, many children in the world who want to stand in truth but they do not know where to begin, so they compromise.

Ask yourselves, My children, on this day, ‘What is compromise?’ Does it solve great problems every way?  Is not compromise acceptable only to your own weakness?  Does it not say to you, when you compromise with another one, no matter what the value is to be, but the compromise is usually to help you?  Keep in mind that many men now are compromising on The Commandments God gave.

I, Saint Margaret Mary, say: ‘Instead of compromise, give your heart to God today.  You, in truth, do not own it; He does.  You, in truth, do not truly understand the Beauty of the physical way.’

No person, no human, no life has ever been put upon the earth to stand in such jeopardy as this child does for you, for the whole world.  And one day, My little ones, men will come from all over the world to partake in the Hill of Hope.  There are so many things to be given to the world through this Great Hill:  the physical, the Spiritual, all the needs men know.

There are many standing here, sitting here, who say, ‘I would like the role.’ Ask yourself first, could you stand in such Total Truth and be bold, be in earnest, be in dignity?  If you could, I say, ‘Stand where you are this way, for you, too, could fight heresy of every day.  You, too, could fight the heresy that is as a cancer in the world.’

Pentecostalism is heresy, My children, one that is bold.  Men are falling into the trap of satan, for only he would have given so much advantage to men, and men are robbing God of Souls because they are so busy acting his way, in the way of man.

The Light, the Truth, the Warmth, the Love that flows through this child is from Above.  Keep in mind, heresy is not.  Heresy is against all God’s Will, all God’s Wishes, all God’s Plans for you.

There are so many, many children in the world who are following false prophets, who are following false powers.  Satan, in his eagerness to stand in the way of God, is doing many things to man.  He is offering man power.  Power?  Not so, only a small degree.  If he were to stand in the ravine right now and be as God is to be seen, he would soon have to diminish, for his power would end.

Oh, My children, keep in mind the Light, the True Light of the world given to man, is from God alone; never in such a general proportion, a general way, for men could not handle it.

You are Blessed, My children, on this day.  Let the Light of the world shower down upon you the Graces of Him, and let the Light that gives you warmth keep you looking to Him.  So be it.”

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