ON APRIL 1, 1973 AT 1:45 PM


“My children, I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  I have spoken many, many times through this child, and each time I have spoken, I have reached a child in the group that God feels, oh, so worthwhile.  But today I say, ‘The Power of the Way, you must understand as not just a Gift, but a Privilege for the world of men.’

When I walked the earth, I had many fights on hand.  I had to stand strong, for you see, it was The Father’s Will for me.  And sometimes, when I would go off into a corner, I would say to Him, ‘Do You not feel that the burden You have given me is too great for the physical I am?’ And He would say: ‘Catherine, what’s the matter with you?  Do you not love Me, My Way?’ And I would have to turn to Him and say, ‘Yes, God, but I am tired, I am weak, I am weary from the arguing, the fighting with men.’ And He would say, ‘Then don’t stand alone, take Me with you, for together We will stand in All Truth.’

And many times, through this child, I have spoken in the same manner to you, for without God, she could not stand.  Without His Power, All His, she could not give you the Light that He desires you to have.

Oh, My children, do not walk solely in knowledge of man, for if you do, you will feel irritated, yes; exhausted, yes; and you will not feel the Truth, the Beauty of Wisdom that only God can give.

Many times I stood before other men and they would have such knowledge that they would confound me with the knowledge they had, and I would look into their eyes, as this child does many times, and she says: ‘Stop! You are only man.  Talk God’s Way and I will understand.’

Men are confused with the knowledge of books.  Men are confused with the knowledge they are subjected to by others.  Men are confused by the personalities, the ideas, the progress of just men.  I come to the world now through this child, in a Manner you cannot understand, but that does not make It incorrect, for you see, I, too, walked the way as man.  Be alert that too much knowledge can divert your whole being from God to the evil one’s plan.

I bless you from the Heavens with His Way, with His Power, with His Will, and I say: ‘Do not be foolish children.  Stand strong, stand staunch, stand in truth above all things.’ And do not feel the power you say is within you, but know that sometimes the power you feel you have is just your will talking back.  I bless you and I say, ‘Be good, children, but go God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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