ON APRIL 8, 1973


“Many men in the world say, ‘God is not demanding.’ And I, Saint Augustine, say to you today, ‘God is most demanding.’ How else could He keep His children in line?  How else could He form the army behind to give Him what He wants, the Souls He gave at the start?

I, too, walked the physical.  I, too, used the physical in ways against God.  I, too, did not understand the Magnitude of Him when I was man.  But, from the Heavens Where I am, I speak through a child who is physically weak, but strong in God’s Way, for He made it thusly because of her love for Him as man.

Obedience to the Ten Commandments should be every man’s first desire, first wish, and each man should tune his will to the dignity of it.  Men say, ‘I follow the Ten Commandments,’ but how many of you do?  How many of you do as you please?  How many of you accept God’s Will in spite of what you feel?  Not many.

There are so many children throughout the world who say to God, ‘Thy Will, my God, not mine,’ and the moment He whispers into their ear a command, a demand, they turn away from Him because it was not what they desired to hear, not what they felt they should do, or they were peeved or concerned over another man.  But when a child is truly chosen by God to do His Will, to perform His Way, the child immediately obeys without concern of what other men say, and it is always to lead someone to Him, always to give, to express what He is:  Above all men.

Children do not see the Beauty of The Holy Eucharist as The Father put It forth upon the earth.  Children are now desecrating It, turning away from It, abusing It in many ways.  And I, Saint Augustine, say to you now, ‘Be careful that you are not one of these men, for if you are, I would suggest you change your ways.’

As it was prophesied a long time ago, children will reach a stage that they will not uphold the Ten Commandments, but they will feel only the flesh.  I walked the way.  I say to you today: ‘The flesh is only the privilege given to man by God.  Keep in mind that the Soul He gave you is Far Greater than the flesh you have, but through the flesh you will one day reach The Divine.’ Do not feel that God does not demand nor command.  He does.  He commands you to obey the Ten Commandments above all things, for through These Commandments, in strict obedience to Them, you can become a Saint.

I bless you, all those who have come in Faith, all those who have come in doubt, all those who have come in deceit, but I say: ‘Be aware of the will God gave you one day.  Be aware of the deceit you hold, you are in, for you see, it could lead you to Hell one day.’  So be it.”

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