ON APRIL 8, 1973


“Ask yourselves today, My children:  Do you love God or do you love yourself?  Do you possess what Gifts you feel you have, what senses you are attentive to, to the point where you reject God?  I wonder.

I am a Saint now, but I did not walk the earth as a Saint.  I walked the earth in a human form, a human way.  I walked the earth as a woman who knew that God had many things to offer one day.  I am Saint Catherine of Siena.

Many times I had to face men of great learning.  Many times I had to face in strength.  Many times I had to stretch forward and give to others the Wisdom I knew was God’s, and even when they did not agree with me, I had to say what I knew was right, for many people in that time did not know that the Messages, the Strength I was receiving was from The Father.  I stood before the solid ones and I did not give vent to my emotions, but I did give the Strength I felt, and when I would walk away from them, I would feel a burden I cannot say.

And so it is with this child in your day.  The parallel is there and it will have to be done God’s Way.  No woman in the world would have chosen this way to walk, nor would a woman have chosen the way I had to walk in My day.  But I, Saint Catherine of Siena, say to you, ‘How much of It can you absorb to give you strength?’ Hundreds of Words have been spoken today.  How many of you, My children, have ignored the Messages, the Truths, the Logic?  I say, ‘Quite a few.’

I bless you with God’s Love, for you see, it is through this Love you will one day face The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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