ON APRIL 29, 1973 AT 2:06 PM


“There is a child present who loves The Heart so much.  I am Margaret Mary of Alacoque.  Some children call Me ‘Mary Margaret’.  I smile at this and say, ‘I’m happy when Her Name is put first, My way.’ So whichever you choose to say, I will know you speak My way.  Love Her in every way and always put Her first; of course, after The Holy Trinity; that is where She says She must stay.

The Heart of The Son is constantly around.  The Heart bleeds for everyone in a special way.  You have a heart; if it were to bleed, you would fall away.  Is this not so?  But when I saw The Heart, It glowed in a Light all Its Own.  The Presence of His Being made Me understand His Life was One Alone.

Through a child such as you, All the Heavens come to teach you and to give you firsthand, God’s Holy Love.  When you speak of love, you speak of it with casualness.  Don’t do this again, My children, for you see, Love is more than this.  Out of It came thee.  The Father’s Love is the Love with which each child was born.  You were not a mistake in the world.  You were not a suggestion of anyone.  You were not the goal of any man.  You were born of God’s Love, through It, at the moment of inception, conception.  Remember this as you walk the land.

You are Loved by God first, and the Justice He has for you is One Alone, and those who act indifferent to Him, The Heart bleeds in a special way.  Be mindful of your physical way, and if you are bored with life or bored with The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, walk away, because it will do you no good to stand and listen to the Words from Here.  God has said to this child, ‘Let those who do not believe wash off of you like Holy Water,’ and that is what she must do.

The time has come for men to understand that the conception of every child, whether they are small or have grown to the stature of man, has occurred because of God’s Love, God’s Justice, God’s Permission.  Remember this.  And I stand close to His Heart Here in the Heavens, and I desire every child to love Him so much that they want their heart to beat with His.

You live in a time of many heresies.  You live in a time of great deception.  You live in a time of much deceit.  You live in a time where children say, ‘Oh God, give me a miracle.’ And I say to you from Heaven Where I am, ‘Your very physical is a Miracle.’ So keep in mind the attitude that you must have and hold, to love Him unselfishly, with self-discipline, and with constant obedience to His Will.  Be ever alert to what is truth, for if you follow truth, no matter what age you are, you will find peace, tranquillity and joy, happiness galore.

I bless you from the Heavens with the Blood from His Heart.  I bless you with the Light, for you see, the Light is sometimes just a start.  So be it.”

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