ON JUNE 17, 1973 AT 5:39 PM


“My children, how the child speaks, the manner in which she speaks, is designed by The Holy Trinity.  I am Saint Peregrine.

Children must learn the value, the privilege of the physical road.  Children must begin to understand the privilege of the human way, but children must also understand that each has a Soul to save.  Children must begin to learn the beauty of prayer, the need for prayer, and the manner in which they must pray.

A long time ago, The Son of The Father came in a physical form.  He left upon the earth a physical way to be united constantly with The Holy Trinity every day, and this Means is The Holy Eucharist.  Now, in the world, men are trying to diminish this Great Love of The Heavenly King.  I, Saint Peregrine say, ‘Be aware of the Gift He gave, Part of Himself; It will nourish the physical, It will nourish the Soul, and It will give you a strength you cannot know.’

I bless you from the Heavens Where I am.  I bless you with Love, a Love different than man’s.  I bless you with Hope, for it is through Hope that you will one day come Here, and I say: ‘Be aware of justice, be conscious of love; but know this, in your day, that love is a derivative of justice.  Justice must be first in every way.’  So be it.”

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