ON JUNE 20, 1973 AT 6:48 PM



There’s a woman, a Saint, Saint Elizabeth.  She is the mother of John The Baptist.  She’s standing by a stone fence and the light is getting brighter around Her.  It’s a different type of light.  It’s almost a reflection from Her.


“My children, when I was with child, I was in happiness untold, and one day, when I looked into the Eyes of Purity, I knew that I was to behold One Who would walk to give Greatness in a particular way to the world.”

The Light around Her is bright.

“As I felt the heartbeat within me, I felt a greater beat outside of me; the way of life, the way of pure beauty.

Children come to this Great Hill from all over the world.  They walk upon it and they listen with their ears and their Soul.  They want so much for Its truth.  They want It to be real, right, for you see, many come from communist countries, more than you know.  The beat of their heart is as the beat of the heart was in me:  the beat of a child; the will to live constantly, as it was within me, with John.  Children are learning how to live, how to reject, how to give, how to have a Purpose for life, how to give God time, for you see, no matter what age you happen to be, it is not too late to turn to The Holy Trinity.”

She is beautiful.  There are tears in Her eyes now and Her garment is changing to a darker color.

“There is sadness, My children, throughout the world, for men have developed selfishness, pride, ego, and are living in a turmoil.  They are living for one moment, not Eternity.  I, Saint Elizabeth, announce to each of thee: ‘It is Goal that stimulates.  It is Faith that upholds the Goal of life for All Eternity, and keep in mind, My children, that procrastination never allows wisdom to enter.  Delay causes only laziness, but Faith and desire to please God causes happiness, peace, tranquillity and hope.’

The beat of the heart is in each of you.  Let the beat, beat for good, for the good of your Soul.  Remember this, My children, as you go your way:  Let no man drag you down into the pits of Hell, for one day that very man will not stand with you before The Father to say, ‘I did it, God, forgive.’ It will be The Father’s Justice, The Father’s Will, and not another man speaking for you, for you will stand quite still.  So let the beat of the heart you are used to, beat with the Beat of His Heart, to guide you.

I will lessen the Glow to the child’s Vision, for the Power I hold her in and with, is Far Greater than any man knows.  I, Saint Elizabeth, remind you on this night to remember also The Heart that a spear went through for you.  So be it.”

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