ON JUNE 20, 1973 AT 7:00 PM


“My beloved children, as you entered the small gates, I Blessed you with a Love of My Very Own.  As you leave, I will do the same, for I understand each of you and the limits that each of you own.  I am The Sacred Heart.  I am The One that suffered the Given, Chosen Way, by The Holy One, one day.

Ask yourselves on this night, what you truly believe in.  Also, ask yourselves on this night, how much time do you give for the privilege of the physical way, for the beauty of the physical life, or is there just darkness within?

Men seek Me out:  some, in love for Me; some, only out of self-love; or some, pleadingly, because of a dear one straying from The Holy Trinity.  I answer each prayer in a special way.  I answer each child with Words only I can say.  But the words loved dearly Here in the Heavens Where I am, are the words that children speak when they mention The Holy Trinity. The Sign of The Cross, to some, is just an act; The Sign of The Cross, a habit; but to Us, it is this:  recognition and love, memory.  So I, The Sacred Heart, do say, ‘As My Heart did bleed for you one day, let your heart beat totally, My Way.’

Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Words, I have spoken through this child, a Victim Soul, for The Holy Trinity.  Mockery, blasphemy, doubt, skepticism, hurt, burden, cannot destroy, cannot take away What has been given to the world through her by Me.

You are Blessed, My little ones, with a Light.  You are Blessed with a Heart.  Do not shut out the First Part, The Creator of all men.  So be it.”

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