ON JUNE 24, 1973 AT 5:47 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  Many of you were delighted to know that God had chosen a Soul to walk for Him.  Many of you walked in a skeptical way, and yet a persistent path, to find the road to here.  Many of you looked for the intellectual view.  Many of you looked for the pessimistic point of view.  Many of you looked for the value to It.  Many of you said: ‘Help me understand It, God, if It is true.  Give me a sign so I will know what to do.’ Many of you forgot to listen to the beat of your heart, to the desire within you.  Many of you forgot the simplicity of God’s Way, so you looked to what you would call ‘the brilliant way’.

Many of you forgot the Beauty of God speaking through one of you, as He did a long time ago through a Son like you.  Many of you have not thought of the Passion.  Many of you have thought too much of the Passion.  Many of you have desired to follow a particular way.  Some of you feel that you must walk like He walked, look like He looked, feel like He felt.  How do you know how He walked, how He looked, how He felt?  Would it not be better if each of you, desiring to be Christlike in your view, imitated His Way, imitated What He did say?

He said, ‘Love The Father above all things.’ He said, ‘Follow The Commandments The Father gave.’ He said, ‘Shed sin, do penance for it every day.’ He said that one day He wanted you Where He was.  What happened along the road?  Are you such a great designer that you have decided to design your way?  Is it better than the Way God designed?  His Way is simple; not yours.

Right now, My children, you live in a time where men are so inclined to walk a physical path, a physical way, they look only to the physical touch, sensitivity to the senses, and that’s all.  That’s not much.  They say, ‘But it is part of life.’ Ah yes, this is true, but what of the Soul?  What is It to you?  It is a Part of you, a Greater Part than the physical, and when children better understand the Soul that is so Great, they learn peace, tranquillity and happiness, and then they want to be a Saint.

I say to you from the Heavens Where I am, and it is truly I Who speak to you: ‘The Father chose a child to transmit the Words direct.  Do not forget the simplicity in how He would act, and do not forget that only He would choose a manner and a way so easy for you:  for you to hear, for you to see, for you to follow to The Holy Trinity.’ And keep in mind, My little ones, that God is The Creator; the enemy, the imitator, and he tries to reach you.  There are many men now in the world who are following his way, determined to have power on their own, determined to hear, not what God does say, but what the enemy refers to as happiness in the physical way.

There are seven major heresies in the world.  The first, My children, the worst against The Beloved Father, is Pentecostalism.  Men do not want to hear this word.  Men do not want to hear what it does say.  They say, ‘Because it gives me relief, I feel like I’m doing something God’s Way,’ but keep in mind:  Are you doing it God’s Way, or are you doing it your way?  Are you imitating?  You are not creating.  There is no more for Me to say.  So be it.”

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