ON JUNE 27, 1973 AT 6:50 PM


“Obedience can be misinterpreted.  Obedience can be only to satisfy a man’s whim or way or will.  True obedience is connected with the Ten Commandments.  True obedience is connected with God’s Will.  Remember this.  Obedience can be misconstrued, misinterpreted, misguided, misused.

And I, through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, say to you today, ‘To be wise would be this:  Before you place too much emphasis on obedience, place the emphasis on justice,’ for I, Saint Augustine, know that justice is the foundation of obedience.  Think of this.  A man could be obedient to sin, a man could be obedient to many things, but where is the justice?

God is Justice.  God is Truth.  Men have been brainwashed into believing that obedience must come before all things, but The Father says, ‘Justice must be before all things,’ for when men stand before The Father, He will say to them, ‘Did you do this?  Did you obey The Rules?’ And they will say, ‘No, my God, I forgot, I sinned.’ Men will look into His Eyes and say, ‘He will be Just with me, I know.’ This will be the security of men, this will be the security for all Souls, the Justice that will prevail, the Justice that will be there.  Do you understand?

Also, My children, I, Saint Augustine say: ‘What about Faith?  How much do you have?  What do you do with it?  How do you use it, to what degree?  What do you say that you are receptive to?’ Each of you present here has a different degree of Faith:  some of you, a great amount; others, just a small amount.

But the next question I present is:  What do you have Faith in:  your ability, your talent, or God?  Do you have faith in your knowledge, or do you have Faith in the Spiritual growth you have gained through time?

What is Faith?  Is Faith always understanding?  Is Faith always acceptance?  Is Faith always what you want it to be?  Can you, in your little way, have Faith grow within you?  Have you ever been disappointed in your faith in others, or were you disappointed in your trust in others?  How do you determine Faith?

And now I say:  What is trust?  To what degree do you trust?  Do you trust only what you see, only what you have, only what you feel, or do you trust so implicitly that you need no sign?  Do you trust those you love?  Do you trust your neighbor all the time, or do you see the weakness, that trust can be denied?

Oh, My children, I do not laugh inside, but I say to you from Heaven Where I am: ‘Think of Every Word spoken to you tonight in your land.  Think of the meaning of the Words.  Think of how They were delivered.  Think of the Purpose behind Each One.  Think of the Wisdom in Them.  Think of the Power that brought Them to you.  Think of how your reaction is.  Think of how, just knowing These Words, being concerned over Them, will change your lives, for you see, I walked the earth one day and I, too, had to think of these things in a very special way.’

Men say, ‘I am too tired to experience the truth.’ Men say, ‘I am too confused to understand the truth.’ Men say, ‘I’m too busy.’ Merely excuse.  Oh, My children, I beseech you on this night, you are but a handful in the world but each of you is a Light.  The physical you are:  all colors, all races, all creeds; but, the Souls connected with you, God’s Love, God’s Decree, God’s Hope for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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