ON JULY 11, 1973 AT 7:15 PM


“If I had My way, I would shower petals of roses down upon you each day, but it is not The Father’s Will, for then you would always expect a sign to say that you are Loved from Heaven, this Beautiful Realm.

I come through this child and I begin to hold her very tightly, for you see, there are many Words I want to say for you to understand The Holy Trinity.

First, you must recognize the Beauty in the Creation of the world, the universe and all things, and you will better understand no man could do this.  No man would have the power to do or say.

You also must understand that to have such Love it would have to be displayed in a Perfect Plan, and also, in this Plan there would be a Teaching Way.  Sacrifice and penance, justice and reward, would be shown in a physical way so that the human source could understand mentally, physically, emotionally.

And then, a Light of different means, different ways, would have to glow.  It would teach the right and wrong.  It would inform about the privilege of the physical way and the Goal the physical is.  It would not be done dramatically, for the Light would show Justice totally.

The Holy Trinity, men say, is a Mystery, but much has been given to show It visibly.  The sun alone, the planets, the stars, the earth, the whole universe says a Greater One.  The physical proportion of man alone says creation by a Greater Thing, and an Example brought down, passed on from generation to generation, prophecy; and even in the dreadful times, the times of sin, despair, anxiety and hurt, there is always a True Light there, shining through, showing to men of all colors, all races, all creeds, the Goal of the physical way, the Light to the path, The Holy Trinity; a Mystery, a Reality, Visible.  All things about The Father are visible, for in His Justice and His Mercy, in His Love, He gives to every man the Way to come Above.

No roses are needed to fall upon you.  You have The Holy Eucharist, you have the Holy Rosary, and you have the Ten Commandments to guide you.

What is a mystery?  Intrigue?  I say to you now, ‘The Mystery of The Holy Trinity has just been explained to you.’ The Holy Eucharist, the Greatest Gift He could give, is available to you, and yet you deny It, you do not sacrifice for It, and you do not see the Light of It; but I, Saint Therese of Lisieux, say this to you, ‘Roses need not fall, for in the Tabernacle you have the Mystery of Life for all.’  So be it.”

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