ON AUGUST 1, 1973 AT 6:48 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  When I was upon the earth, I fought many battles.  I fought for God’s Will to be done.  I fought in a way, some men would say ‘not a reverent one,’ but I fought for what I knew was Truth and I fought in a manner of deliberate way, and I say to you on this day, ‘Beware of the heresies surrounding you, for if you do not walk away from them, you will become so involved in them you will lose your Soul and God will be sad your way.’

There are so many, many children in the world now who are walking into a deliberate path of evil, for they are saying: ‘I do not care.  What difference does it make?  I want to enjoy the physical.’ So I, Saint Catherine of Siena, come to you and say: ‘Beware of the heresy for it will draw you down to the pits of Hell and you will not be able to rise again, one day; for, one day there will be a Judgment by The Father, and He will say: “Child, you knew right from wrong.  Is this not so?” And you will have to say, “Yes, my God,” and He will say, “I must Judge you on this,” for you see, He is Justice first, Mercy next, then Love.’

But what men truly have, in His Justice, is great hope, for you see, I walked the world, sometimes in a very lonely way, and I, too, had to fight men in a natural way, but what they did not know at that time was that I was walking for The Father in a Special Way.

So please, My children, do not try to understand all the Things you have heard but follow Them, for as you follow Them, you will feel the Beauty of Divine Way.

I, Saint Catherine of Siena, have asked The Father to say: ‘I bless you in the Name of Myself.  I bless you in the Heart of My Son and I bless you in the Name of The Holy Ghost, as One.’ So be it.”

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