ON AUGUST 1, 1973 AT 6:58 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am known to the world as ‘The Sacred Heart’.  I come to you in the world, through a child, an instrument who walks a tightrope, for the world to better understand the Beauty of Heaven Where I am.  My Heart has been shown to the world for many, many years, and so many men dedicate their lives to the Power that It is, but so many men do not quite understand magnificence of certain prayers, dedicating themselves to The Heart that I gave upon the wooden Cross man made.

I have come through this child to bless each of you tonight, to give you Love, to give you Hope and to show you what is right.  I say: ‘Make men prove themselves to you.  Do not just follow, do not just become involved, because you see, there are many, many men in the world following The Father’s enemy.’

I say to you from Heaven Where I am, ‘Be aware of the beauty of living the human way, and as you are and as you do, keep in mind I was human, too, in a particular way.’ And when I walked to Calvary and I gave My Heart for you, and as I hung upon the Cross, I said, ‘Oh, God, let no man ever suffer in this way’; and then I looked around and knew that many others would have to give reparation, for you see, I saw so much weakness there.  And those who cried, I knew inside, if they were crying for Me or themselves.

And today, as I speak through this child, I can read your hearts, your minds, and I do know your wills.  So through her I do say, ‘Watch how you walk in the world today, for satan lurks in many ways.’

Many, many men are following every plan, and in the plan they are following, there is no Grace, except sensitivity to man.  Man’s senses can be beautiful; they were made this way, but in the world in which you live, satan has made each man say this: ‘I will pay attention to my senses for it’s all I have.’ But I, The Sacred Heart, say to you today, on this Special Place The Father Wills in a special way, ‘Be careful how you act with the senses God has given you, and when you sin against Him, pray, ask forgiveness, and you will be surprised at what strength will come, for you see, He is Just, He is Pure, He is Merciful, and He does love you.’  So be it.”

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