ON AUGUST 8, 1973 AT 6:46 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Peter, and one day I stood by a tree and I said to one young man who was standing there with me: ‘How do you feel?  What is wrong with thee?’ And he said to me: ‘I just cannot walk this way.  It is too demanding and I feel that I want to walk a different path.’ And I, Peter, said to him, ‘It is easy — walk.’ And he said, ‘But I feel that if I leave, I will be lost.’ And then I said to him, ‘Look me in the eye and say you do not believe this Man, you do not believe in the Way He walks.’ And the young man said, ‘I can’t.’ But he said, ‘I feel to follow Him would cause me too much self-discipline and I feel I can’t handle this at this time.’

So I, Peter, said to him, ‘Best you leave and go away, and perhaps one day you will follow in a different way.’ And he looked into my eyes and said: ‘Peter, beloved one, say prayers as you know them to be and offer heartache for me, for I am sick inside with hurt.  I want to stay, and yet I can’t.  I want to go; I know I shouldn’t.  Oh, Peter, help me.’ And I, Peter, looked into his eyes and said: ‘You have a will.  What about it?  Would you really do what I would say?’ And he looked into my face and he said, ‘No, I will, I know, go my way.’

There were many such as this, many along the way. The child has experienced them also, and she knows there will be many who will come and many who will go.  And that is why she has been told to shed them like Holy Water from her.  There is no bliss in living a life such as this, but through The Immaculate Heart, you will have the strength to do so.

One day, as we walked the human way, we stood by a great stone.  And as this Special One talked to us, taught us of the loneliness He felt, we could not understand, for you see, we were crowded around Him and we were joking, jesting many times.  And He would look at us and return it back; but then, when His Eyes turned from us, we would feel a lack; not a lack of love but a burning desire to turn around and teach us more.

And so it is again today, in the time in which you live, men are shouting, ‘I want more.’ And now, through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, a child has been chosen to give you what God wants you to have:  wisdom, not just knowledge; love and hope, truth, and, oh yes, to keep you aware of the Ten Commandments, and allow you to know that He waits for your Soul:  the Glow of It, the Light of It, the Perfection of It, the Way of It, the Purpose of It, to reach Him.

There is no Miracle in the world such as This.  There is no happening in the world such as This.  There is no child chosen in such a manner.  There never has been before, except, of course, the time that The Son did walk the world.

How many of you on this night can say that you are a warrior for God?  Ask yourself.  I’ll wait.  If a man were to stand in the canyon and be suddenly surrounded by thousands of men, what would you do?  You would run for your life.  Is this not so?  Or would you stand and fight?  Right now in the world, satan has many armies of men.  What are you going to do?

Through The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, you are being given the wisdom to fight, the wisdom to control, the knowledge to live by; and yet, will you be a warrior?  Will you be a Judas?  Will you stand in truth and face what is to be upon this Hill, for not truly God’s sake, but for the sake of your Soul, and thousands and millions more to come?  Or will you walk away and say, ‘Let some other man do it, I’m too busy today’?  How many Judases are here tonight?  How many warriors are in My sight?

I bless you with The Father’s Will, for you see, it is I through Whom much responsibility was given on a given day and night.  And so it was with this child who stands in the world, no longer of it, but in it; and she, too, has the responsibility to stand before you as I had to do:  a warrior, a fighter, a driver, a doer.  I ask you, I, Saint Peter, ‘When you leave this mound of soil tonight, what will you be:  a warrior or a Judas?’ Any age can make a choice, any race, color or creed; there is no distinction here.  What will you be?  So be it.”

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