ON AUGUST 10, 1973 AT 8:17 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Gerard.  Many, many children pray to Me for many, many reasons, and in the reflection of their prayers they sometimes become selfish.  They do not understand that prayer is to fulfill many things, not just a particular desire for a particular thing.  The world must become conscious of the beauty of prayer, but not the type of prayer it is falling toward.  It is falling toward emotionalism, yes, and emotionalism is a lack of self-discipline.  Emotionalism causes a lack of obedience.

This child, in an earthly manner, has been given the Task to stand in this way and deliver to the world Our Words, for the Salvation of mankind for all days.

You live in a time worse than the time of the Arian heresy.  You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time worse than the greatest sinners ever lived, for you see, satan has a hold now, through murder, through taking over men’s bodies totally.  Men are submitting to this evil power, for they say it is the easy way and they feel that there is satisfaction in many things; but, in reality, there will be no satisfaction.  There will be no Life, Light with The Holy Trinity, if man becomes so absorbed with the defeat, with the deceit, with the hate, with the turmoil, for the evil one who always waits.

The Heavenly Father, as you have been told, is The Creator of All Things.  The evil one imitates, and to the world he now imitates this Great Hill of Hope.  And watch and see, My little ones, that in the imitation of This Place, men will begin to become confused, but if they look to The Holy Trinity, they will not be confused.  They will feel the Divinity.  They will see the reality there is.  And they will see why The Father, in His Love for all mankind, sent This Miracle to the world, to command attention, to show the world the Beauty of Sainthood, by naming This Great Miracle, ‘The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph’, and by naming this great mound of soil, ‘Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope’.

I, Saint Gerard, say to each one here: ‘Walk in a trinity.  Be constantly aware of the trinity of Faith, Hope and Charity.  Be constantly aware of the trinity of self-discipline, obedience and service.  Be constantly aware of the material, the physical and the Spiritual.  Be constantly aware of life here, for you see, through the life here, you have the choice to choose one of another trinity:  Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.’  So be it.”

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