ON AUGUST 12, 1973 AT 6:50 PM


“My beloved children, We so often begin Our Lesson this way, by addressing you in a beloved way.  I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, and as I speak through this child, I say: ‘Too few children are ready to stand and preach and to give God’s Way.  They are so full of their own energy, they are so full of what they desire to say, that they forget and then they analyze, translate all things their way.’

I come to you and I say, ‘I want you on this day to take your heart, the physical one, and take it apart, piece by piece.’ First, you must remove it so you can better see it to dissect it.  Is this not so?  But you know within your being that if you were to take your heart out of your human way, you would die and there would be no chance for you to dissect it, for there would be no life, no knowledge left.  You would be dead to the world.  But today I say, ‘Look to The Heart of The Son of God, for It is connected with the Heart of your Soul that must return This Way, and when you look to His Heart, you will be better able to dissect the Heart of your Soul, for in It, It desires to come only His Way.’

Men say, ‘Let a sign be in the sky.’ Men say, ‘Let it be so loud that I can hear it.’ Men say, ‘Well, maybe I’ll look into it tomorrow.’ And I say Here from the Heavens Where I am, ‘The physical heart you have may stop and there will be no tomorrow.’ The physical heart that you hold so close to you, so dear to you, what if it were to stop?  You would not have the chance, nor the time, to look into the Heart of the Soul that is so close to The Divine.  What are you going to do?  Wait?  See?  Or, are you going to become so attached to The Heart of The Son, known to all men as The Sacred One, that you will feel the beat of the Heart of your Soul and you will feel the Light that will radiate from It to everyone?

Hundreds of Saints have spoken through this child.  Hundreds of Saints have taught things worthwhile.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of children have listened, but they fear that if they accept What is here, they will have to change, and I say, ‘Yes,’ for to truly love, you have to change.  You have to learn to give, and that’s what The Son of The Father did.  He began in the world as a small Child, but His Love for The Father, the more He saw of man, became greater; and the Plan He knew that had to be, would take much Love for The Divine One, and He also knew that only Wisdom could lead men back to Eternity.

And so it is again now, in the time in which you live.  Only Wisdom can lead men back, not knowledge from other books which men have written.  Men are so filled with knowledge of other men’s thinking that they are blinded by the print on the page.  They are blinded by the color of the print, and you see, they forget the Faith.  Faith is a Gift from God, but Faith is also nourished by the will of man.

If I, Saint Margaret Mary, were to hand you the plan to become a Saint on this day, would you accept it, or would you reject it?  I wonder.  I could tell each of you what you would do, and I could tell each of you how you would handle What I have offered you.  Some of you would say, ‘I have a better way.’ Some of you would say, ‘Let me have it; I want to be a Saint.’ Some of you would say, ‘Well, maybe It’s true and maybe It’s not.’ But I would say to you, ‘It is.’

And many times, when I would kneel before The Sacred Heart, I would say, ‘Help me better understand.’ Many of the things that occurred between The Heart and I were not recorded.

Now I come from the Realm of Heaven Where I am, and I come, through God’s Will, to help all men better understand The Heart of The Son of God, and also, the Heart of the Soul which He gave to every man.  Do not allow yourselves to become so involved with the physical that you forget the Heart of the Soul, for It, too, beats.  But the beat of the Soul, the Heart of this Soul, beats with the Light of how you are and the direction you are walking in, the degree you have gained, for the Light forces the Heart to beat, and in the physical, it is the blood; but, with the Soul, it is the Light.  Remember this, for God does love you.  So be it.”

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