ON AUGUST 15, 1973 AT 7:12 PM


“I, Saint Peregrine, say to you: ‘It is best to face the truth than to just feel or know it.  It is best to stand up to it, not to defy it but to honor it; not to compromise with it but to let it be known how you stand.’

And now, I go again back to The Commandments for man.  How many false gods do you have before you?  Is materialism one?  Is pride one?  Is ego one?  Or, are you so strong that you have no false god, you only adore The One?  Most men would have to admit they have a false one along the way.  Is it something man-made, or is it something that your will has developed within you?  Think about this.  Do you have a false god among you or for yourself?

Men do not realize that sometimes world acclaim is actually a false god; also, men do not understand that to want world acclaim is sometimes causing themselves to be the victims of a false god.  Keep this in mind.  Another Commandment for you to think about on this night:  Do you have strange gods before you?  Do you honor a false god the human way?  So be it.”

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