ON AUGUST 24, 1973 AT 7:49 PM


“When you stand in Truth everyone cannot agree with you, but when you stand in weakness everyone feels sorry for you and some even join you, perhaps with the idea that they will help you.  If a man is an alcoholic and you feel sorry for him and you take a drink with him, are you really helping him?  No.  Compromise has weakness in it, to a point, and it can paralyze a whole group of people.  Remember that, for I, Saint Augustine, have come through this child tonight, allowing her to speak direct, through the human form, with human love, but delivering to you a Truth from Above.

Men say, ‘You talk.’ We Here in the Heavens say, ‘We talk.’ Men try to diminish how this child stands.  They call her ‘daughter’ where, in reality, all children in the world are her Spiritual children and she must suffer for them.  It is not an easy Role, not an easy Task, but do not forget, to be ‘a warrior for God’ always lasts.  To be an aid to satan brings turmoil, tears, lack of peace, pride, but to stand for God has to come from withinside first.

If I were to come to the earth in person to you, would you know Me?  I would say, ‘No,’ to you.  If I spoke as a man, would you understand that I was of a different time? The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is bringing to the world All The Saints in Heaven, and a Touch, just a Touch of the Wisdom only God can send.

Ask yourself:  What do you think about obedience?  Do you practice it, or do you have false loyalty to the practice of obedience?  Do you practice obedience where it counts?  Do you practice obedience and use it as an excuse for sin?

I say to you on this night in your time: ‘When you cause error, do you correct it, or do you go on with it?  What kind of courage do you really have:  courage to stand up for Truth and in it, or courage only to fight to satisfy your own ego and pride?’

The Father says, ‘No coward will build this Great Hill.’ Men have no idea of the Magnitude of this Hill.  It is to help the whole world physically, emotionally, yes; and Spiritually, certainly not last.

When you cut your finger, do you hurt?  When you sin, do you feel the hurt of your Soul?  When you get something in your eye, do you feel it?  When you sin with your eyes, do you feel the pain of your Soul?  When you walk into a place you should not be and you accept the sins of the senses, what do you feel:  pure happiness, pure joy?  Do you feel strong?  I say, ‘No.’ You feel weak, disturbed, and you know in your heart that you are wrong.  When you walk in the morning without prayer, do you not feel empty?  Do you not feel a void in the air?

Have you learned to practice what is right?  Have you learned to accept what you are in the world, what God made you — man?  Have you learned to accept the responsibilities of your sex?  Have you learned to accept the responsibilities of your way; vocation, that is?  Have you learned to give of yourself to such a degree that when the day is ended, you say, ‘Thank You, God, I love You,’ or do you feel despair and hurt?  Do you feel like you don’t want to reach another day?

Do you feel the energy to fight for what is right, or do you say, ‘Let each man have his own way’?  It takes courage to stand in Truth.  And those with whom you work, do you look upon them with pity because they do not react like you do?  Do you understand the beauty of living?  Do you believe in what you do?  I say to you from Here, from the Heavens Where I am, ‘God loves you, but be aware that you were not put upon the earth for no reason at all, but to one day share the Beauty of Heaven, the Light that is Here.’

I bless you with The Father’s Love, but in the Blessing I will say: ‘Beware, are you a coward or a warrior?  Do you have discipline, self, that is; or, do you walk, just any way?  Have you decided what you will be, man or woman?  Have you accepted what God made thee, man or woman?’ Keep this in mind, for the greatest act against God is to try to be what you are not, the opposite of how He created you.

So now I finish the Blessing from the Heavens Where I am, and I say, ‘Let The Father’s Love envelop you, and as It does, let It teach you to walk in truth each day.’  So be it.”

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