ON AUGUST 29, 1973 AT 7:12 PM


“My beloved children, I am Peter.  Many Stories have been spoken of My way.  Many men have interpreted the role I did play.  Many men have said, ‘The Father said he was the rock.’ What kind of a rock did they mean?  Was it a rock as you know a rock to be, or was it the strength behind visibility?

Ask yourselves on this night:  How do you see, only with the physical eye?  I say to you, ‘It is best if you see only this way:  to look into the Heart of your Soul and see the Beauty that is there to stay.’

Many men have choice words in the description of a Soul, and I, Saint Peter, come today to describe your Soul God’s Way.  My sons and My daughters, your Soul is a Tangible Thing.  It is much a Part of you.  Descriptively speaking, I would say: ‘Your Soul is a shadow of what you say and what you do.  Your Soul is a reflection of your obedience to God’s Rules.  Your Soul is the Light of Wisdom.  Your Soul is a Being that only God has the privilege to create.  Your Soul shines forth from you as a Light, in a Light.  The greater your way, the more you do for God, the brighter the Soul will become.’ At the moment of birth, It was in a Pure State.

Ask yourselves on this night:  How bright is your Soul, how aware are you of It, and where do you want It to go?  So be it.”

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