ON SEPTEMBER 7, 1973 AT 8:10 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I will speak slowly through this child for I want each child present here now to understand this Lesson worthwhile.  I am Saint Peter.

When Joan spoke, she spoke in a manner that certain children present would understand and in a way that some needed desperately at this moment.  There were many things about retreat you must think about, for many of you present here should take the time to retreat and think about what life is all about, and think about how much of the time you waste in not doing anything.  Think about the talents you have, the vocation.

And now, I will take you back to a time when I lived upon the earth.  We were strolling along as The Divine One was teaching, and in a matter-of-fact way, He would speak just as it is being done through this child in your time.

And I remember one day, He looked at me and He said, ‘I’m speaking, but you’re not listening.’ And I said to Him, ‘Forgive me, my mind was wandering away.’ And He said to me, ‘Where was it?’ And I openly said to Him, ‘On the loved ones far away.’ ‘And what were you thinking?’ ‘I was thinking of how sad it was that they could not hear the Words You did say.’ He looked into my eyes and He said, ‘Is it not time for you to return to them to pass on the Words I gave?’ And as I looked at Him and said, ‘But I will miss all the new Ones,’ He said, ‘I promise you, you will be brought up to date.’

Oh my, what a casual way, what a Fatherly Love He had.  He was Wise.  He knew that as much as I loved Him, I had to feel a human relationship with those I left behind, and so at a given fork of the road I walked away, and then I returned to be by His Side another day.  Of course, this is not written in the books that you have read, but nonetheless, it is true, for you see, He did understand.

And as We continued on the walk, I learned to listen more.  I learned to be able to absorb the Wisdom that He poured.  And then the day did come when I no longer wanted to return because I knew that there was more, more that had to be done, more children that had to learn than just the ones I knew.  I could not explain it in the Words I do now, but nonetheless, it is true.

So keep in mind, as you listen to the Wisdom that pours forth through this child from The Divine, do not be worried about your mind wandering, for so much is given, it would be difficult for the human mind to absorb the Magnitude It is.

There are so many things that Heaven has said, and Many of Us have tried to imprint on the children’s minds, and the children’s minds would wander.  And We would smile and say, ‘Best they return to absorb It another way.’

Keep this in mind, My little ones, when you leave this place tonight.  If you did not grasp All that was said, let Me put on It some Light.  If you leave with These Thoughts, you will remember what He wants:

Every day, repeat the Ten Commandments that He gave.  Say Them to yourself.  Say Them out loud, but say Them nevertheless.

Secondly, go to The Holy Eucharist.  Open your heart.  Take the time.  Whisper to Him the love you have in the way of mankind, and tell Him you know you are small, and tell Him you’re sorry for your mind wandering, but tell Him to keep you close and to always stay inside.

The next little thing, just a small amount of time, and that is to hold the Beads that He loves, for you see, they were given especially for each of thee.

And then, keep this in mind:  Justice for all of mankind — those you love, especially; those you know, oh, quickly; and those you do not know, do it this way:  Pray; this is Justice, God’s Way.  And now I say, ‘Keep this in mind:  Mercy’; and now I say, ‘Love.’

All these things, simple.  All these things, ordinary.  All these things, very easy for you to do.  And ask yourself:  In twenty-four hours, how much time do these things take for you to do?  I will give you the time:  Forty-eight minutes.  And now I, Saint Peter say, ‘Use this forty-eight minutes each day to walk away to Him.’  So be it.”

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