ON SEPTEMBER 23, 1973 AT 1:53 PM


“My children, I stand Here in the Heavens and I speak through this child.  I am a Saint.  I am Peter by Name.  You have heard My Name, and most oftentimes I shout through her, but lately I have not, for the reason is this: the child’s exhaustion, because of the burden, is far greater than man knows.

I walked the earth with Him, and what the world does not know is this, that many times, at given intervals, we walked away to rest; because, to remain with Him constantly was exhausting, for the Power He radiated, the Strength He gave, the Wisdom He taught was sometimes too much for us.  And He would understand and He would allow us to walk away, and He would say, ‘Gather at another place, and when you return you will learn more.’

And so now it has come to a time — in This Great Miracle for the world to one day come to The Divine — a time to walk away for the child, but yet a time to stay; a time to hold the burden, and yes, a time to feel the need to stray, not from the Hand of God, but from the faces of men.

I, Peter, say to you, ‘All twelve chosen remained to the end, but what History does not tell is that others had been chosen and found the task too much, so they walked away.’ It is happening in your time of day.  Many men, chosen to walk a particular path with The Son of God, with God Himself, are finding the way so tiring.  You must pray for those who feel this way, who feel the burden, who feel the task, who feel they cannot last.  Do not criticize but pray.  If all the world were to pray for those who feel they must walk away, Many Saints could be made.  And I say to you on this day, ‘The only one you heard about was the one who sold Him.’

And now, in the time in which you live, discouragement is all around, impatience, intolerance, disobedience; but I, Saint Peter, say: ‘Pray, not with your head in the clouds but with your knees bent in humility, in hope, in Light, in love; and yes, pray for those who do not have Faith.  Pray for those who feel they must walk away, but keep in mind, that as you pray for others to walk His Way, He is giving you strength, through the means of Grace, to stand strong, stand tall, stand firm, for you see, so much misinterpretation is happening today.’ Pray.  We did, for those who were called along with us, who never returned when they went away.  How many in number?  We lost count, but we knew.

When that special day came when even I denied Him, I loved Him much, but in the denial I feared for myself.  Oh, History has taught this much, but History did not tell of those who were chosen and did not go to Hell, but walked away, for to walk with ‘a chosen child’ is a burden few men can endure, for the constant listening, the constant waiting for Heaven to open a door is difficult.

So pray, and if you have children in your family who have walked away, do not criticize but pray.  Ask God to help them when you can’t.  Ask God to intercede.  Ask The Saints Who stand Here with Me to give them strength.  Our work has just begun when We reach The Holy One, for you see, Those Who come Here oftentimes work upon the earth, and for children to better understand what the privilege of life is all about in the way of man.

I could shout the next Words loud and clear but you are listening, and I say: ‘Because He loves you, I hold you dear.  Because He loves you, the child walks out in the open, speaking Our Words loud and clear.’

I bless you with The Father’s Name and I bless you with The Heart, The One that I walked with in the physical vein, and I bless you with Light, The Third One, the Ray from Heaven Where I am.  So be it.”

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