ON OCTOBER 7, 1973 AT 1:47 PM


“To feel close to God comes in all different degrees and for all reasons.  Sometimes total abandonment makes you closer to Him than anything else.  You cry a lot in it.  You feel sorry for yourself, but when it really comes to the end of it, you’ve realized how much you have grown in love with Him.  Keep that in mind.  So right now if you feel abandoned by God, thank Him for the privilege of growing, because if you really stick on the track with Him, you will grow deeper in love with Him, and then, when you’ve survived this great moment of abandonment, you will be closer to Him and you will have more Grace to survive your weaknesses.

And I, Saint John of The Cross, say through this child on this day, ‘Accept abandonment God’s Way.’ Children fear it and they resent it.  Children reject it, but they cannot do anything about it when they are in the throes of it.  If man abandons you, it is one thing, for men abandon you because of self-love; but when you feel abandonment from The Father, know that it is in Love, with Love, that He allows this great time to be, to help you grow stronger in the Sight of The Holy Trinity.

Many men read many things about My way.  Many men describe what I was like.  Many men decide I was great when I walked the earth, and now I come through this child to say that many times when I felt abandonment, I relied on prayer to save the day.  I relied on many things.  I relied on growing in love with Him, and that’s what each man should do today.

Keep in mind, that to rely on The Holy Trinity, in the way of mankind, gives you a strength somewhat like the same strength you had when you were being born into the world:  the will to live.  When a child is being born, each movement of the child is the will to live, the will to be released so that life in the physical will come about.  And then you must picture the human path, with the will to live for All Eternity.

So each day that you are troubled, keep in mind, it is like the struggling in the womb to be part of mankind.  Parallel it with the struggle to live forever with The Holy Trinity.  The disappointments, the discouragements, yes, and the weak times, too, will give you the strength to follow through, become stronger, fight the way, with the will to live truly with Him one day.  So, as you walk in the human way, bear in mind that as you struggled to be born in the world of mankind, let your will guide you to live with Him for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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