ON OCTOBER 24, 1973 AT 11:16 AM


“Sometimes a child chosen by God for such a place on earth, path, has to be spread so thinly that the child appears sometimes to walk ethereal.  That’s not so, for a child chosen by God to walk a path in a chosen way, walks a tightrope.  The tightrope swings when man tries to swing it, but when the child holds on to God’s Hand there is no room for accident.

Men of all walks of life should walk this way, holding onto God’s Hand in every way.  I, My children, am a Saint in the Heavens.  I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  Sometimes children say, ‘God, I give You my heart.’ They truly do not give their heart.  They only give a momentary wish.

So now I come through The Heart of The Divine One, through the physical of a child in the world, and I say: ‘When you offer God your hand, offer Him your whole way.  Offer Him, first, your will, and then all other things will follow.’ Keep this in mind.  When you offer your will, hold no part of it back from Him for He will guide it, He will govern it, and yes, He will allow you to use it to the best advantages that are good for your Soul.

Now, I say to you in the world, from a Realm different than yours: ‘On this day, did you have Faith, Faith enough to say “Good morning” to The One Who created you?  Did you have enough Faith to bless yourself in “The Cross of Unity of Oneness”?  Did you have the Faith to share with another one, your light, your love, your hope, your truth, your very being?’

Oh, My children, it is so easy to discuss Faith; sometimes difficult to express, but most of the time you are selfish with it, for you say, ‘I have it, I do not need to share it.’ But I, a Saint, say, ‘It is best to share Faith in God, trust in Him.’ Keep in mind that in sharing, you partake in The Divine.  The Family Who once walked the earth, shared Life, shared Faith, shared Trust, shared Obedience, and yes, shared Their Will with God’s, Who Always Was.  So be it.”

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