ON OCTOBER 28, 1973 AT 1:52 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Peter.  I speak through this child who walks on the earth as you.  I speak through her momentarily.  It is The Father’s Will that I do.  I speak with Love, but also Direction, and I say to each child present here, and to those who have decided to not enter the gates below, I say, ‘Best you look at the Ten Commandments and see each one in the manner and in the way They were decided to be so.’ Each Commandment given by The Father has a particular way.  Yes, you must look for the full description of it and what it says for man in the human way.  Be aware of what you do not see when you look at The Commandments, for each Commandment will direct you to The Holy Trinity.

There are so many children in the world who have decided to look the other way.  They have decided to forget, yes, the way He walked.  They have decided that the Crucifixion Way was for Him, not them.  It is not so.  The Crucifixion Way was but example for man, and also, a Divine Love so that the Gates of Heaven would open for every man.

I walked the land with The Divine Son, Who appeared as man.  His Teaching was the Wisdom; His Love, far greater than any man.  And sometimes, when we tired of walking along the way, He would say, ‘Sit, Peter, rest awhile, and I will talk to you today.’ And as I would sit, my body weary from the way, He would look into my face and say: ‘Peter, repast and rest.  It is that time of day.  Do not feel weak, do not feel sad because your body has to stop along the way.  Make the most of this time, keep it to make you strong and to keep you close by My Side.’

And I would look into His Eyes and I would say: ‘You are more than a man.  You are a Son of Strength, but You are also a Father of Wisdom.  I know it, but to what degree, I cannot see; to what degree, I cannot feel; to what degree, I know this only, that I must be obedient to You in every way, for I know the time will come and You will no longer stand looking into my face.  There will be sadness in me.’

And then He would say: ‘Perhaps sadness, Peter, but you will have the strength, a strength to go on and give other men All I did say, a strength to deliver to the world My Words, and a strength to be a rock for all men to lean upon; for one day I will hand you the Sword of Love, the Sword of Love His Way.  Keep this in mind.’

And I would say to Him: ‘I do not want a sword.  What is a sword to me?’ And He would say: ‘Peter, remember this:  The Sword is not as you know one to be.  The Sword will be the love, the great strength for all the things I have taught you about:  the Greatness of The Greater One, the Beauty that awaits everyone.  And the Sword is the Sword of Love, for you see, you will lead men to carry it; you will lead men to bear it.  You will lead men in many ways, and as you do, keep in mind that the Sword will be passed on all through mankind, for without it men will be weak.’

I bless you and I say, ‘Be aware, My children, of the Sword that was handed to Me one day, for, today, those of you who are here for the first time, will be handed the Sword from The Divine.’  So be it.”

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