ON OCTOBER 28, 1973 AT 1:57 PM


“My beloved daughters, My beloved sons, I am Veronica.  I have come through this child many times, always for a particular reason, always to give children a Special Lesson, always to put forth God’s Love.  Today I come to special children here, special in this way.  You must understand that to walk a path chosen by The Father is a difficult one, for sometimes He uses such a child in a puppet way.  He takes the child as if on strings and moves the child where He does please.  The child must be ready in a moment’s notice, to go, to respond, to act and to feel, in the motion, in the action, in the place He decrees to be.

As I walked along the path that The Son took one day, I responded in a human way.  I responded with love far greater than I knew love to be.  I did not respond only emotionally, but I responded from something deep inside of me.  I was not a puppet.  I was not just a servant.  I walked on the outside, loving Who created me, and when I responded on this walk that day, I responded, I know now, at the Will of The Father Who wanted the Face to remain.  So as I put forth that day, it was The Father’s Will that I respond out of love for having been created on the earth in the human way.

And so you, too, must respond in this way:  walk, listen, pray, love, trust, give, and be obedient to Divine Will; and always keep in mind, that a Loving Father gives Direction, a loving child responds.  Keep this in mind.  Respond to All the Seeds that fall, the Seeds of Wisdom.  The Father will germinate each Seed as you respond to It, because you see, He wants your Soul to return to Him.  So be aware, hear the call, respond, and do not be afraid of what others say, because you see, if they do not have the Faith nor the love, they cannot respond as each of thee.  But you must remember this, that when you respond, you are example of The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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