ON OCTOBER 28, 1973 AT 2:01 PM



Oh my! I will tell you what I see.  Now remember, I see with the Eyes of my Soul when I’m with you.

It’s The Sacred Heart, and He’s standing on a rock, a very large rock.  The rock is beginning to glow.  His Heart is dripping Blood.  The look on His Face began with a sadness, and now it is turning brighter and brighter and He’s smiling.  The Blood from His Heart, oh, is dripping on the rock — oh, my God — and It’s pouring now as if like a funnel.

The rock has very deep crevices in it now from the Blood.  Oh, my God! The Blood is dripping down His garment.  The rock is shining brighter.  The Blood is getting redder.  Our Lord’s Face is glowing, but it was, it’s the Blood that is bothering me.  It’s pouring out like I’ve never seen It pour out.  The crevices are getting deeper.


“My beloved children, I will hold back the Vision from this child, and pass It on to her to only the degree she could take in your presence, for if I allowed the full impact of what is occurring, the blood would flow from her eyes.  She could not stand it.  I send the water, not tears, so the burning of her eyes for such a Vision will permit It to be clear.

My Heart is bleeding to show the world that the sin, the weakness, the heresies are causing It to bleed.  The rock I stand upon is the Church I built and the Blood that is draining from My Heart is to cleanse the crevices already begun by the heresies men are accepting.

Through This Miracle of a Beloved Son, Who was My Father upon the earth, I am reaching thousands of children, millions of children all over the world.  They must know of the cleansing, they must know of the rock, they must know of My Heart and why My Heart is pouring out to cleanse the crevices.”

There’s one crevice very deep.

“I have oftentimes made this child suffer.  I have thrown her to the ground to partake in the falls that occurred when I walked the earth. A victim has to be, a puppet in every way for The Holy Trinity: a fork, a spoon, a light, a ray; sacrifice, penance I ask of her each day.

Many men see only a light side, but even the Apostles who walked with Me, when the suffering was there, they did not know it had to be.”

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