ON NOVEMBER 4, 1973 AT 11:18 AM


“In the world in which you live — I am Saint Augustine — there are many children who desire to be a part of Divine Way, Divine Rule, and they say to The Father each day: ‘Let me do what You do.  Let me partake in all things.’ But children forget; they want the Power they feel He has, but they forget the power they have, their own will.  At the moment of conception, each child is given a power:  the power to accept or reject, the power to be good or to be bad, the power to obey the Ten Commandments.

And remember this:  One of The Commandments is ‘Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.’ Also, remember that this Commandment applies first to The Heavenly Ones:  The Father in Heaven, The Mother in Heaven, and then, the earthly parents.  Keep this in mind.

So, ‘Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother’, so when you do this, this means that children of all ages must learn to obey the Ten Commandments, for in doing this, they say to The Father Above:

‘I love You.  I want to be what You want me to be.  I accept Your Will and I give You mine.  Do with me what You Will, so one day I will be in the Divine.’

And then the Fourth Commandment, to children such as thee, this is what you must say:

‘Today, dear God, help me to obey my earthly parents and then I will please God in this way.’

Do not forget this, children, children of all ages, for it is not being taught.  And I, Saint Augustine say, ‘It is Wisdom you have been given, for children feel when they reach a certain age, they no longer have to obey, they no longer have to listen, they no longer have to stand in truth.’

And now, I bless you from the Heavens and I say: ‘Honor thy Father and thy Mother, The Heavenly Ones, the earthly ones; and be sure that when you do, you pray for the strength, for to do this in the correct way, it oftentimes takes courage, it oftentimes takes standing alone, and it oftentimes takes loving so deeply to do the Will of The Divine One, that loneliness sets in, fear sometimes comes; but keep this in mind:  the fear you will have will never be compared to the Love, to the fear that The Divine Son had when the men closed in on Him to abuse Him for the Love He held so dear.’  So be it.”

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