ON NOVEMBER 4, 1973 AT 11:26 AM


“I, Saint Michael, come through this child from The Divine, and I say to each man here, ‘I hand you a Sword, the Sword of Love.’ What are you going to do with it:  misuse it, or leave it in this place?  The Sword of Love is love for God.  The Sword is the Sword of Truth.  It will pierce no man unless you use it in the correct manner and in the correct way.

I am seen with a sword many times, in many statuaries throughout the world, but, in reality, the Sword I carry is the Sword of Love for The Divine.

Joan carried a sword.  The sword was the sword for the battle of her time; and yet, even with the sword she carried there was love, a Sword of Love piercing her heart, her way and her mind.  And the Voices that she heard were of Great Truth, and yet men could not stand the Truth in that time.

And so it is again in the time in which you live:  Truth men find difficult to bear, for to stand in Truth, you stand with a sword, both as a warrior for man and as a warrior for God.  Which sword will you take with you today:  the Sword of Love or the sword of battle?  I hand both to you through a child who is as you, human in every way, but all through time, The Father has used the human natural means to reach the world.

I say to you now, ‘Look into the path of Teresa of Avila, look into the path of Catherine of Siena, look into the path of Joan of Arc, look into the path of Rita of Cascia, look into the paths of Many More.’ You will find a natural means, but you will find Divine Rule.  You will find obedience to a particular path, a particular way, and you will find that there was a drive beyond man’s knowledge, there was a drive beyond man’s fear, there was a drive to give God His due.

I bless you with The Father’s Love and I bless you with The Heart of The Son, and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost, and I say, ‘Be aware of the false light men are spreading in Pentecostalism.’  So be it.”

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