ON DECEMBER 9, 1973 AT 1:54 PM


“There are so many children outside the gates who are screaming to enter, to grow in Faith.  There are so many children who are afraid to enter the gate, for fear of what they will have to undertake.  There are so many children standing across the way, concerned about themselves alone, not knowing how to pray.  There are so many children of all ages, all races, all colors, all creeds, who are blinded by immorality.  There are so many children who are professionally inclined toward knowledge way, but they lack wisdom.

And I, Saint Francis Xavier, come through this child today to say: ‘It is better to have less knowledge and more wisdom.  It is more beautiful to have humility than pride, and keep in mind that dignity is oftentimes security, when you are a child of any age, any size, any color, any creed.’

Men are shouting throughout the world, ‘Unity’, ‘Christianity’.  What does it truly mean?  They do not know.  There is disorganization and confrontation.  There is arrogance, belligerence, induced by a lack of self-discipline and an abundance of pride.

Look in the mirror.  What do you see?  Flesh, hair, nose, mouth, eyes, ears.  If you were to see inside when you looked into the mirror, emotionally you could not take it.  That is why you are covered with skin.  But some of you, if you were to see your Souls, so black with sin, you would run from the sight of It.

Today, I, Saint Francis say, ‘Where does life begin, at the mirror?’ No. ‘With your will God gave you,’ I say.  Each child present in the world has a will, and even those who are mentally ill are sometimes very willful to get their own way.  Be assured that I, Saint Francis Xavier, say to you today, ‘What have you done with your will lately, and what about that flesh that hides the workings of your body?’ It was a Gift from God to you, to hide what would be distasteful to you.  Take the beauty of the flesh, but keep it where it must be — morally beautiful.  Men are causing disgrace, immorality, and yes, acting in a manner and in a way unfit for the Soul God gave them one day.

See your Soul as a Light, not one you’ve made up, for the Light of your Soul could never be seen by you.  No man in the world could see the Light of his Soul.  If he does, he imagines it to be true.  The sight of the Soul is left for a Higher Place.  The Light of the Soul is decided by Grace, Grace that you earn, Grace you cannot see.

Keep in mind, the Rewards come from The Holy Trinity, The Divine, not from man.  Man is weakness; God is Strength.  Man has a will, only to the degree God allows it to be.  But, if you have ever seen a touch of Hell, you would never sin again; for you have no idea, My children, what a horrible place Hell is, no matter how sick you have ever been.

Men are tired.  We smile at this.  What is tiredness, unless you have used the physical and the mental for all good?  Men say, ‘I do not want to be one of the crowd.’ Then don’t be, for to be different you would stand out in a Light that would be beautiful for men to see.  You would be strong, you would stand in truth, you would be firm, but you would also have Rules to live by, and The Rules would be The Commandments He gave to a man such as thee.  Men are forgetting The Commandments, the Beauty of Them, the control They are, the significance, the magnitude, and the proper order They give to all things.

I bless you from the Heavens and I say, ‘So many children must become aware of the beauty of truth, the Goal and the privilege of the human way, and This Great Miracle that has been given to you, is to direct you in a special way.’  So be it.”

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