ON DECEMBER 23, 1973 AT 2:01 PM



I will tell you what I see.  I see Saint Joachim, and I see Saint Francis of Assisi and He’s smiling.  I have a little joke with Saint Francis of Assisi, and every time He reminds me of it, I kind of ignore Him, because one time He told me that to live in poverty can be many ways.  I disagreed with Him completely.  I was sure that poverty meant that you had to walk around in a gunny sack.  And He said: “No, sometimes poverty is loving so deeply that you give up all the things you love and accept all the things He loves.  Poverty is, in many ways, how God describes them His Way.”

He’s smiling.  He’s standing in a glorious robe.  It’s a golden-brown.  And around the robe, I would say it was edged in a — it almost looks like a rust-gold.  The hood on His head is glowing.  The robe hangs to about here, and the Wounds are showing, but the Wounds are radiant with Light.  His feet are bare but they, too, glow.  The cincture, or the belt, as we would call it, is of the same way and color of the design on His robe.  And His face is beaming.

Saint Joachim is looking at Him.  Saint Joachim is dressed in, it’s a purple, but it’s an odd purple.  It’s a purple with white woven into it; it’s a woven cloth.  It’s almost as if it’s a very rough textured material, and yet it has a glow in the white.  The white is glowing and the purple is like it’s throwing out rays.  Oh my, the white is not sparkly, but glowing, and the purple is shooting out rays to the whole world all around Him.

And Saint Francis’ — that rust-gold on Him is picking up a brightness, and the golden-brown has a — oh my, it’s magnificent.


“My beloved children, I am Saint Joachim.  I am your Heavenly Grandfather, and I say to you on this day: ‘Be aware of the family way, the need of it, the need for it, the beauty it is, the privilege that it is, for all mankind to understand and to stand in.  There is a magnificence to the family way.  There is dignity and there is love, there is hope, for you see, through the family way, men will find the Feet of God, the Face of Him, the Beauty of Heaven in every way.’

I bless you, for I will speak only a short time, for a Saint stands close to Me, Who stands wanting to say What The Father has decreed to be for all of mankind, the beloved Francis, known to the world not as a king, but as One Who deprived Himself of everything, and stands glowing in the Heavens Here, understanding the Word of The Father, the Wisdom that This Miracle forth brings.”


“My beloved children, I truly speak from the Heavens Where once I was not.  I stood upon the earth as you.  Many men decreed me a fool.  But I knew in my heart that what I was going through was for Divine Purpose and was real, for I knew I had been chosen to walk a path that would one day be revealed to the world as a special path.  It was not necessary for men to love me, to acknowledge me at that time.  It was not necessary for men to say I was great or truly connected with The Divine.  But I bring forth to you now, at a given time, a time of Specialty, a time when the world should pronounce openly, The Birth of a King.

Upon the deathbed that I lay, men stood around and I heard many say, ‘Francis, forgive me.’ I had nothing to forgive, for you see, I offered all things to The Holy Trinity, all things that hurt:  physical, mental and Spiritual.  You, too, must walk this way.  You, too, must understand that to love deeply could be your way in the way of man.  Do not resent loving another.  Do not try to have the love returned.  Wait, let other men use their will, for sometimes it is God’s Will the love be not returned.

I bless you with My hands.  I hold your heads within My hands and I say, ‘A Blessing from The Father I give to you today, on the Ground that one day will be cherished by men from all over the world, because some child had the strength to stand in courage and listen to the Heavenly Way, to pass on to others God’s Love, God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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