ON DECEMBER 23, 1973 AT 2:11 PM



The Vision is changing.  Oh, my God! There is a Light around.  The Light is brighter.  He’s standing in all white.


“My beloved children, I am The Son of The Divine.  I speak so naturally through this child.  It would be difficult for some to accept The Miracle in which I ask children, ‘Walk in blindness, but see; deafness, but hear; Light, Wisdom, Truth, Hope.’

It was because of a Woman and a Man, I was able to fulfill The Father’s Will.  It was because of Their listening to what must be, where I should be, even when I was born.  The Man listened intently, more than you will ever know.  The Woman listened to the beat of My Heart, for you see, I was within Her as you were, one day, in a woman of your own.  As My Heart beat, Her Heart beat.  And as this Man, Who stood as the Protector of We Two, He could not see Me, He could not feel the beat of My Heart; all He did was listen, listen to what was best.

And it is true, He walked up to an inn, and where He heard so much sin He would graciously say, ‘Thank you,’ and walk away.  He would return to My Mother and say, ‘Mary, it was not the place,’ and She would smile into His Face and know it was for Her protection and The Child of Whom I was, that He was so particular.

It is true, many turned Us away, but few men would ever know the true story of those days.  He came upon a place; He felt the safety of it.  And when She said to Him, ‘Husband, the time is close; the Light will shine and when It does, the Will of The Greater One will be done,’ He smiled into Her Face, for you see, I saw it.

And then, when the time was right, the Light shone brightly all around Her, and I came into the world.  Both Woman and Man sighed with relief, for there was much to be done then.  The warmth of the place was important.  And then, after all was done, visitors came, one by one, two by two, three by three, four by four, five by five; of course, they are not written about.  The gifts — some were simple, some were beautiful, but all were given with love, but mainly with hope.

So today, as it has been done before, Heaven gives the world the Gift of Hope, the Privilege of Hope, through a Saint Who was My earthly Father, Who stands next to Me Here, close by, always looking into My Face and saying, ‘Where am I to be, Son, Father?’ I smile at this, for you see, earthly love Here in the Heavens can never be denied.  The Light, One like you do not know; the Truth, Pure.

Oh, My children, I love you so.  I bless you and I say, ‘The Star over the crib was bright, and now The Father has given to the world another Star, this Hill for the whole world to come to.’  So be it.”

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