ON FEBRUARY 8, 1974 AT 7:41 PM


“I have asked the child to listen well to Me tonight so she could be the transmitter of My Words that God Wills for you to hear.

There is a child in the room who has always loved Me much, who has prayed for special favors, and many times I have given them, only because it was God’s Will at that time.  This little one through whom I speak, walks a path of obedience, and each time Each Word is a treat.  The Seeds that flow are Seeds of Love, Wisdom, and yes, Seeds of Direction for every man to come Above.

I, Saint Therese of Lisieux, speak openly to you and I want each child here tonight to listen closely.  First I say: ‘Think of how you opened the day.  Was it with prayer?  Did you walk to the railing and touch Him and allow Him to touch you in a special way?’ Many of you will have to say, ‘No, I did not make it today.’ Some of you will have to say, ‘It is not my way.’ And some of you will have to say: ‘I have grown away from that practice.  Therese, is it truly true that It is He Whom I receive when I take The Host?’

Oh, My children, if you but knew the Magnitude of this small Piece of Bread, if you but knew the Power in It and the Love that He has, if you but knew His Generosity, His Humility that comes through It, you would better understand the privilege of the human way, and yes, the beauty of it.

Oh, My little ones, men seek roses.  Why?  Because they feel the beauty in them, and they say, ‘The scent that comes from them is one alone.’ But I, Saint Therese of Lisieux, say: ‘Do not always look for a rose but look for the path that will take you to Here Where I am, and help that path grow, not only with roses, but little flowers, perhaps even a dandelion, for you see, the dandelion can be a small act from you for The Holy Trinity, and yes, the daffodil, the pansy.  There are so many beautiful flowers to mention here, but know, that when you reach that Goal, that promised Reward, Sainthood, it will not be a rose He will hand you, but the Sight of Him, the Love from Him, and the tasks that you will have to do.  And keep in mind, that not a rose, but Judgment Time will be; and then He will look into your face and say, “Oh, child, I do love thee.”’

So don’t put all your hopes on a rose, and do not always ask for a rose but ask for the love that a rose will give.  Ask for the Beauty of Sainthood that awaits each man.  Oh, My children, be aware that the rose will fade away, but the Sight of Him is Special and will remain for every day.

I want to bless you with His Love.  I want to hold your hand, and I smilingly do say, ‘It would be nice to say that even though I have spoken about the roses, I love them yet.’  So be it.”

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