ON MARCH 30, 1974 AT 2:31 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Martin de Porres.  I will speak gently through this child for the physical she has is far weaker than any man knows.  The extension of God’s Power, the deliverance to all men, is in a way that men can understand, men can handle, in the way of man.

I, in My way upon the earth, did not walk the path some men think I did.  I walked with a union between He and I, and I suffered much attack.  I walked because I loved.  I walked because I knew I had to better understand the privilege of being man, no matter how I looked.

There are so many Lessons that have been taught, that are to be taught, through this child.  There are so many Words to be given, so many Seeds to be sown, and The Father uses every one of her talents.  There is much jealousy surrounding this child, much Love; and satan tries so hard to interfere, not with her, but with others she holds dear, and sometimes the obstacles she must cross are far greater than any man knows.  They are as the weight of the Cross.

Ask yourselves, My children, as you oftentimes see Me with a broom, ‘Where did the stem of the broom come from?’ Was it not wood?  Multiply that one stick by one billion, and then multiply it by every Soul in the world; you have the weight of the cross that this child holds.

In laughter, she delivers Our Words; in sorrow, Our Words; in hurt, Our Words; in casual manner, Our Words.  God Wills it so.  I ask you each to look at a cup and pour into the cup, water.  Keep pouring now, don’t give up, and as the cup fills and overflows, do not stop pouring, for you see, if you reach the top, certain things in the air will make the water evaporate and you will find the cup empty.

This is why The Father uses this child so abundantly every moment of the day, for you see, He keeps pouring, never to stop, because He wants Every Word that can be used, Every Seed that can be sown, to grow in your hearts.  Let this moment manifest itself through you to the whole world, and ask yourselves if charity is part of your world.

The greatest gift you can give The Father is time, talent.  Do not forget, when you give time, you are only returning to Him what He has given you.  It cannot be termed a gift.  When you return a gift, if it is not done correctly, it could cause sadness.  You have now learned a Lesson profoundly.  Give God time.  Let each moment of the day reflect your love for The Divine.  Let your words be according to His Will, and let your whole being reflect Him walking alongside of you.

If you were in the Company constantly of Divine Reality, how would you act?  Would you sin?  No.  You would walk with your head up, your shoulders back, and you would walk confidently.  You would walk hopefully, and you would react to all who would walk by, and you would be proud to know they saw Him at your side.  You can walk this way every day, you can look this way every moment, and yes, you can live every moment of your life, knowing that He is beside you through laughter and through strife.

I, Saint Martin de Porres, smile and say: ‘You are Loved much in what you call your “modern day”, but do not let the time in which you live select for you the way.  You have a will to do it yourself, and you have the Direction, God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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