ON APRIL 20, 1974 AT 2:07 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  You hear direct, My children, from Heaven Where I am.  You hear through a child such as you, The Father’s Will, and in this Direction, through the Seeds dropped on you, you will grow more in love with Him, and you will find the path of way that will be easy and yet time-consuming, and you will not desire to stray.

Through this child, All of Heaven speaks.  Through this child, God says to the world: ‘I once before sent Three, and now I once again send a family.  It is My Way to reach you, for you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time of great hate.  You live in a time when the enemy wants to nourish you, but keep this in mind, he can only nourish you with dislike for The Holy Trinity.’

I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, am known for holding The Holy Eucharist within My breast.  I say to you now, ‘Each time you receive This Love from Him, you, too, hold It within your being, Part of Him.’ So do not forget to go to the railing and say to Him, ‘Bless me with Your Love, bless me with Your Body, and please, stay within me so I do not turn away from You.’ This Beloved Gift from The Son, originally and rightfully could be called from ‘The Father’, you must understand, is truly a Part of Him.

So I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, known for helping those who suffer much with the disease prevalent in your day, cancer, I say to you now, ‘Do not only think of Me as a cancer Saint, but think of Me as the Saint to bring you closer to The Holy Eucharist.’

I love you for He loves you, and I have come today because it is His Will.  All of Heaven stands by, ready to speak through this child.  Men say, ‘I cannot believe it.’ God says, ‘You did not believe when My Son walked the earth and He was Part of Me.’ Those who hesitate to have Faith are foolish.  Those who want to have their Faith developed are wise.  So I say to you today, ‘I hand you My heart that oftentimes touched The Holy Eucharist every day, and now I desire that you, too, have It within you, for you see, as you do, you carry Him in a definite, outward way.’  So be it.”

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