ON APRIL 21, 1974 AT 2:21 PM


“My beloved children, I am Catherine of Siena. The child who stands before you is a combination of Many of Us Here.  She is a combination of Joan, a combination of Teresa, a combination of Francis, a combination of Myself and a combination of Alphonsus, a combination of Margaret Mary, a combination of Many.  I could go on and on and on, for God has combined All of Our lives and presented Them to the world, to portray, to show the Beauty of The Beloved One, Saint Joseph.

The little one who stands before you is physically not strong.  Remember this.  But the world must know the Highest Saint in Heaven through, perhaps, the weakest child on earth.  That is how His Seeds are sown.  Sometimes the most learned are not equipped to handle the Seeds of Wisdom.  Sometimes those who love so deep, emotionally, cannot handle the Seeds of Hope, for they become emotionally involved and they cannot handle the crowds.

The beloved Joan walked the earth; she led men.  She did not want to stand where she was but she was told to then.  And many times, when I did argue with men of learned ways, I argued out loud and I would say, ‘It is such a simple form’; and they would say, ‘Yes, but there is Logic in What you say.’

So here again, today in the world, God sends forth a child, perhaps simple in manner, light in way, but firm in Direction, listening all the way; listening to give to the world What God Decrees:  Hope, in the Name of a Saint, for the Time is now that He come to the world to be known, to be heard, to be seen, to be loved, to be Honored and Revered by all mankind, for you see, He was obedient to The Divine King.

So, as you are Blessed by The Father’s Will, you are Blessed by the Love that I served with upon the earth, and you are Blessed with Hope through The Beloved One, Saint Joseph, for you see, He walked in hope constantly, He walked in service constantly, and He walked deliberately in the Name of The One He called ‘The Higher Being’.  So be it.”

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