ON APRIL 26, 1974


“Before the child leaves this place on this night, I want each child to think of Faith and think of poverty.

What is poverty?  Do you truly know what it means?  Oh, My children, you do not realize what poverty truly is.  Most of you think that poverty is to be without repast, food, to be without material things.  That, My children, is not always poverty.  Sometimes to walk the Way of The Holy One is true poverty for one’s self, poverty in the world.  Even though all things appear as good, bright, clear, a child can be chosen and walk in poverty.

Faith — what is Faith to you?  Ask yourselves today, how much do you have, and with what you have, what do you do?  Faith is a Gift, that is true.

Oh, My children, I am Saint Augustine, and I come through this child and I say: ‘It is not easy to walk this given Way, this path of Love, of Hope, but through a child We All come from Heaven Up Above to give to the world what is good. A child is exposed to the world in an open way, a true way, a poverty way, believe it or not.’

So many children say, ‘I will accept poverty God’s Way.’ They do not realize that to accept poverty His Way does not always mean to strip one’s self.  Poverty, His Way, is to be stripped by Him of self.

I say to you now from Heaven Where I am, ‘Through This Great Miracle God shows His Love to men.’ Be aware of poverty and what it truly is.  Be aware of Faith and how Great It can be.

Oh, My children, I say to you now: ‘Sin in the world is great and it is running rampant throughout the world.  Many men are wealthy in the eyes of the world, but they are suffering poverty within, poverty of many ways.’

Oh, My little ones, be aware.  Do not analyze so much that you forget to care, but analyze yourself in this way:  How much did you give to Him today?  I say to you from Heaven Where I am, ‘Some of you gave selfishly, some of you gave so little, and some of you gave only what you did not care about.’ But how many of you gave Him time in a prayer, in your work?  How many of you offered up your day, and how many of you sit so smugly, thinking you know it all today?

I beseech you, I, Saint Augustine, to look into your way and forget your pride and ego and be humble every day, for in humility there is strength, there is power, there is love.  In humility there is greatness for the Soul that must come Above.

So many men, so many children, so many sons, sit before this child and they wonder, ‘What could I do in His Love?’ And now I, Saint Augustine say, ‘Give your time, give your hope, and yes, walk in purity His Way.’ I tried it once, I know it’s good; and now I pass it on to you:  Try purity.  It will last.  It will draw you in a Ray of Light, not to the past but to the Goal.

I love you, He does, and I send forth to the world, through a child just like you, His Love, His Hope and His Ray, through which the child speaks today.  So be it.”

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