ON APRIL 26, 1974


“I am Saint Peregrine.  Many children pray to Me.  I am the Saint, sometimes of the impossible; of course, there are Others Here Who also have this Title in children’s way, but I say to you now on this day: ‘Be aware of the Beauty of coming This Way.  There is All Happiness Here, All Purity, All Love, and We work diligently Here Above to give to the world Hope.’

Ask yourselves, My little ones, ‘What is hope?’ Hope?  Oh, it is a desire to reach the Ultimate; hope is the desire to hold His Hand.  And when you feel fear, wrap yourself in the hem of His Garment and say to Him, ‘I am in the hem of Your Garment; please do not try to get rid of me,’ and He will always smile and say, ‘The hem of My Garment is the seal of Love for you today; the stitching, the Rays of Hope; the double thickness, My Love combined with Faith.’

Oh, My children, put yourself in the hem of His Garment and swing when He walks your way.  I say much through this child and I say it often, but do not forget, the fold of the Garment, the hem of the Garment is a good place to stay.  So be it.”

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