ON APRIL 26, 1974


“My beloved children, I am Saint Jude.  I come oftentimes through this child to give strength and hope to not a few.  I give to the whole world, through her, God’s Hand, and I say, ‘When you pray, pray with love, but when you love, be sure that you love Him, not just yourself.’

Throughout the world men are loving only themselves.  They are giving of themselves, but selfishly.  There is no self-discipline.  And I, Saint Jude, come through this child and I say, ‘Keep this in mind:  obedience, prudence, love, Faith, hope, and yes, what was the one I said — self-discipline.’

I bless you with the Power of God.  I bless you with His Love and I say, ‘You are not a fool to believe how He would walk today, for through His Love He is sending, in a very humble way to the earth, firsthand, the Wisdom of Above.’

So be aware, self-discipline must walk with you each day; purity, the goal of the human way, the privilege that it is to walk in such a way.

I bless you and I say, ‘Be aware of the hope in the world, for through a Great Saint, Hope is given, Love is sent, Faith is shown, obedience always there; but self-discipline, the means to the end.’  So be it.”

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