ON APRIL 26, 1974



It’s The Sacred Heart.  And The Heart appears as a Light and the Rays are shining, what I would say, all over the room; and it hurts very much, the Light is so bright.  I could not love you this much.

Our Lord is smiling.  His garment has changed from white to red but The Heart is still Light, and His Hands are like this, over your heads and mine.  The Light is so bright.


“My beloved ones, no child has ever walked the earth in such a critical way, path, time, as this one who suffers for The Divine.  The Light she sees is My Light for each of you.  I burn her with the Power to receive My Way, My Will.

I come through this child who is as a puppet, and I use her to give to each child My Way, My Hope, My Desire.  This little one must stand strong before the whole world to show mankind what is wrong, and those who scoff at her, I say, ‘You will pay a penalty one day for misuse, abuse of how I would come to you.’ Those who stand in her way, I will take care of My Way.  I have many times thrown the child to the ground in reparation for the sins all around.  Her body, racked with pain, rose only to serve Who I Am, What I Am.

I will speak more rapidly because the child is exhausted from the Power I must extend.  I send My Heart to the world for the good of every man.  I send My Love through a Miracle, through a Son, through a Saint Who was My Father when I was Man.  The world must know, see and understand the Value of This Great Miracle for man.  Men are screaming, ‘Send us hope.’ I am.  Men are shouting, ‘Send us Your Love, we are desperate.’ I am, for I send a Saint Who walked with Me when I was a Child, and I send Him now again to the world to show all things that are worthwhile.

I am your Father, I am The Sacred Heart and I am The Light.  I am The One Who, it has been said, would return to the world.  I come through The Beloved Saint Who fathered Me in the world.  Men are shouting, ‘Dark days.’ Look at the days.  Do you think that darkness is only when there is no light in the physical, or could darkness mean the heresies, the sin, the promiscuity, the homosexuality and all the cults who are against Me?  Men are joining forces and they are causing ‘dark days’.

I say to you now, through a child I use momentarily, ‘You are standing in the center of a Great Miracle, the Wisdom of the Heavens.’ I bless you and I say: ‘You are Blessed with the Light, follow It.  It is My Gift to the world through a child as I was once, one day.’  So be it.”

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