ON MAY 5, 1974 AT 1:55 PM


“My beloved children, never before in the History of the world has a Miracle of This Kind been sent forth to the world.  When The Beloved Son walked, He walked solely with The Father’s Wisdom.  This Time, All Heaven comes forward to give to the world firsthand, through The Saints, because They were men, God’s Love.

Oh, My children, I am a Saint High in the Heavens, but I am a Saint that looks down upon you and says, ‘Be aware you are man, be aware that you care where you go from here.’ Oh, My children, it is I, Peter, Who speaks out through this child and says, ‘My way was clear; I learned direct for the walk Here.’ But you have a long way to go, each of you, for some of you are walking a very treacherous road.  Some of you do not care what path you take.

Oh, My children, I oftentimes shout through this child and I say, ‘Come Here.’ But today, I say to each one present, ‘Be aware.’ Be aware of the physical, be aware of the Spiritual, but be aware of your own self-love.  Be aware of how much you love yourself.  Be aware of the scale that is not visible.  Be aware of the Truth He has handed to you through The Commandments of Hope, of Rule.  Be aware of selfishness in each of you, and be aware that to learn wisdom supersedes knowledge for each of you.  The prophets of long ago walked in the path of wisdom; the prophets of today walk in the path of self-gain.

This little one through whom I speak has been chosen by The Father and she is physically weak, but her love and her strength pours forth to you, because you see, she is a combination of Warrior, a combination of Love, a combination of Humility, Obedience and Faith.  She is a combination of All Things God has sent to the world.  She is a combination of Prophecies.  She is a combination of Light, Values, and yes, All Things, All Paths, All Degrees.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I dare not shout through her today, for her physical could not stand the Power I could use to shake the physical she is. The child will retreat soon, to get away to rest.  It is necessary.  The Father said it had to be; it is best.  But as she retreats, it is never from Him, only from you; it is never from the burden or the care, but only to gain the strength to come back to fight for what is here. The child will argue this retreat. The child will say, ‘No, I do not need it,’ but Those in charge will see that she is taken to the retreat, not blindly, for the burden will still be there.

I, Peter, say in a voice I used a long time ago to the men who walked His Way: ‘Be aware that what you listen to is right for the Soul you have, the Soul He gave.  Do not hang upon a string, upon a dream, upon the air, but hang upon the Words that He gave to Moses, and yes, to a Son that He held dear.’

Bear in mind, when things become tiresome, depressing, and yes, too much to handle, be sure you say, ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven.’ And then repeat to yourself The Commandments He gave and do not hold false gods before you, for if you do, you will lean toward paganism.  Keep that in mind.  Paganism is coming back to the world full force.  It is sad to Us Here, but it is true, paganistic ideas, idolatry, surrounds each of you.

So bear in mind, the Truth was given and the Way, a long time ago; nothing has changed, only that the evil one has entered more strongly, and yes, he is the guiding force for many of you.

I must bless you; The Father said it was to be done.  And I bless you with the Light of Him, for you see, through the Light, The Heart will beat, and through the beat of His Heart you will grow strong; and as you grow strong, your Faith will grow, and as your Faith grows, you will find the path suitable for you to Him.  I bless you and I say, ‘There is a Light, there is a Way, there is a Hope, there is a path, there is That Beautiful Soul; remember, It was made to last.’  So be it.”

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