ON MAY 26, 1974 AT 1:50 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Augustine.  There are many things written about My way, My life, My failures, My faults, My ideals, but no one has truly written how I felt at moments of displeasure with myself, when I knew I was displeasing The One Who made me.  Men have elaborated upon My life.  How many have elaborated on My inner feelings, My strife, My loves, My depressions, My hopes and My will?

Men write stories to please other men, but how many men know what occurs inside you?  The outside is the only thing they see; your actions, your words, the only thing they can relate to; but, what about the heart, the will, the mind, that says nothing, That Part of you that says Faith in God’s Will?  Time can only show the world what you were really like, and men say at the death of a beloved one, they did not know what the one was truly like until that moment when that one was no longer around to speak to.  And yet, men forget the loved one easily, quickly, openly, and they even forget the Part of that person that The Father wanted returned to Him as quickly as possible.

The Father puts down in a book, a book not like you know a book to be, recorded for History and in History, for you make History in the time in which you live — History for Judgment.

Oh, My children, be aware, there is not a Saint Here in the Heavens that man knows all things about.  There is not One Here that men are so learned about, knowledgeable about, that they can speak on all facets of Them; but through This Great Miracle of Hope, Grace, Trust, Obedience and Love, men are being taught the Beauty of Above.

It is truly I, Saint Augustine, that speaks through this child.  The Power that is forced through her, not one you know, but submission of will to Divine Will is evident to those who have Faith, those who love God more than they love themselves.

I can bless you for it is His Will, and I can give you the strength to better understand the beauty of your way and the privilege it is to be man, even in your day.  So I bless you with The Heart that I clung to when I walked the earth.  I bless you with the Light I found, that I knew was of Great Worth.

And I say to you now: ‘Be aware that men are around who do not understand.  They think only of what is here where you live now.’ So as I bless you, I do say, ‘With hope and love God’s Way, you will better understand the need for The Commandments in your way, the Beauty of His Grace, the Reward you must look for, look to, and hope in for all days.’

‘The child,’ men say, ‘says simple things’; and I say to you now, ‘The simplicity The Son walked in was the only way that men could understand the Profoundness of the Heaven’s Plan.’  So be it.”

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